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Toolbars May Be Lost When Exiting Full Screen Mode

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In Microsoft Excel, if you are in Full Screen mode and have floatingtoolbars on the screen, those toolbars may "disappear" when youreturn to the regular display mode.
To restore a toolbar that disappeared when you exited Full Screen mode:
  1. From the View menu, choose Toolbars.
  2. In the list of Toolbars, select the desired toolbar. If its check box is selected, clear it.
  3. Choose OK to exit the Toolbars dialog box.
  4. From the View menu, again choose Toolbars.
  5. In the list of Toolbars, select the desired toolbar. Select its check box.
  6. Choose OK.
The toolbar should now be visible.
The Full Screen mode in Microsoft Excel allows you to view your worksheetsin the fullest size possible. When you enter Full Screen mode, MicrosoftExcel maximizes itself, hides its own title bar to provide more room, andshows the Full Screen toolbar.

If you move a floating toolbar (one that is not docked) to a location onthe screen that was not occupied by Microsoft Excel before you switched toFull Screen mode, and you then exit Full Screen mode, the toolbardisappears. The toolbar does remain intact in the sense that it is nothidden, but you cannot see it because it lies outside Microsoft Excel'swindow area.

To restore a toolbar that has disappeared because of exiting Full Screenmode, use the workaround above. To prevent this from occurring, dock yourtoolbars when in Full Screen mode. Docked toolbars remain docked andvisible when you exit Full Screen mode.
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Microsoft Excel 95 Standard Edition, Microsoft Excel 5.0 Standard Edition

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