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WordPerfect key strokes defined

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This article lists all the WordPerfect keystrokes and what they do in Microsoft Word when the "Navigation Keys for WordPerfect Users" and "Helpfor WordPerfect Users" are activated.

To Turn On/Off Help for WordPerfect Users in Word, do the following:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. On the General tab, check to select or clear the "Navigation Keys for WordPerfect Users" and the "Help for WordPerfect Users" check boxes, and then click OK.
"Navigation Keys for WordPerfect Users" changes the arrow and DELETE keys'functions.

NOTE: The HOME key needs to be used with an arrow key.
   WordPerfect           Action in Word    ------------------------------------------------------------------------   HOME+LEFT ARROW       Moves the insertion point to the beginning of a                         line.   HOME+RIGHT ARROW      Moves the insertion point to the end of a                         line.   END                   Moves the insertion point to the end of                         the line.   PAGE UP               Moves the insertion point up a screen.   PAGE DOWN             Moves the insertion point down a screen.   CTRL+HOME             Edit, Go To.   ESC+LEFT ARROW        Moves insertion point eight spaces to the left.                         You can change the number of spaces by typing the                         number you want at the status prompt. For example,                         ESC+20+LEFT ARROW takes you 20 spaces to the left.                         RIGHT ARROW, UP ARROW, and DOWN ARROW function the                         same way.   DELETE                Causes Word to ask in the status bar "Delete                         Block?" if there is selected text in the document.				
"Help for WordPerfect Users" changes the way the function keys work. Forexample, when you choose F2, a help screen appears showing how to use theEdit, Find command.
   WordPerfect           Action in Word    ------------------------------------------------------------------------   F1                    Cancel an action.   SHIFT+F1              Brings up Help for WordPerfect Users control                         panel.   ALT+F1                Thesaurus   F2                    Search forward.   ALT+F2                Replace.   CTRL+F2               Spell.   F3                    Help.   ALT+F3                Reveal codes.   F4                    Indent left.   ALT+F4                Select text.   CTRL+F4               Move, copy, delete text.   F5                    Find File.   ALT+F5                Cross Reference, Revision Marks, Index, and                         Tables.   CTRL+F5               Save in text format.   F6                    Bold text.   SHIFT+F6              Center text.   F7                    Exit.   SHIFT+F7              Print.   ALT+F7                Columns, tables, or math functions.   CTRL+F7               Footnotes.   F8                    Underline.   SHIFT+F8              Format.   ALT+F8                Style.   CTRL+F8               Font.   CTRL+F9               Print merge.   F10                   Save.   SHIFT+F10             File Open.   ALT+F10               Macro.   CTRL+BACKSPACE        Delete word.   CTRL+ENTER            Page Break.				

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