Negative Date/Time Value Displayed as Pound Signs (###)

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If Microsoft Excel is set to use the 1900 date system, and you add orsubtract data that is formatted with a time format, the date may not bedisplayed as you expect. When the results of the formula produce anegative value, and this data is formatted to display a time value, thecell displays pound signs, as in the following example:
Although the formula in the cell performs the correct operation, thenumber format returns the wrong results.
To display the number correctly, use either of the following methods:
  • Change the date system to the 1904 date system.

  • Use the following to change the displayed result
    where A1 has a value smaller than A2.
The above formula will display the value as text. You may need to formatthe cell alignment to right justified. Note that this is not an acceptableworkaround if you need to use the result in another calculation.
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