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WSS Err Msg: The Device Is Being Used by Another Application

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When the Voice Pilot icon is in the Startup group of Windows and themicrophone is turned on in Voice Pilot, you may receive the followingerror messages when starting Windows:
The device is being used by another application
The device cannot write to aux.
To prevent the above error messages:

  1. Place another application in the Startup group before the Voice Pilot icon. This will allow Windows enough time to initialize the Windows Sound System card before Voice Pilot tries to use the card.

    The icons placed in the Startup group load in the order they appear in the window. Therefore, Clock or any other application would have to be above and/or to the left of the Voice Pilot icon. -or-

  2. Turn the microphone off in Voice Pilot.
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  • Microsoft Windows Sound System 2.0
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