File-Extension Differences Between dBASE and FoxPro

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The information below describes the file-extension differences betweendBASE and FoxPro. Some of this text is also found in the "Switching fromdBASE" topic in FoxPro 2.6 Help.

To go directly to this topic in FoxPro, choose dBASE Help from the Helpmenu.
The following table lists differences in file extensions between dBASEand FoxPro.
dBASE                             FoxPro 2.x               Visual FoxPro---------------------------------------------------------------------------Applications       .APP, .PRG                 .APP                      .APP   Catalogs       .CAT                       .FPC, .FCT                Not Applicable   Indexes       .MDX, .NDX                 .CDX, .IDX                .CDX, .IDX   Labels       .LBL, .LBG                 .LBX, .LBT                .LBX, .LBT   Menus       Not Applicable             .MNX, .MNT,               .MNX, .MNT,                                  .MPR, .MPX                .MPR, .MPX   Programs       .PRG, .PRS                 .PRG, .FXP                .PRG, .FXP   Projects       Not Applicable             .PJX, .PJT                .PJX, .PJT   Queries       .QBE, .QBO, .UPD, .UPO     .QPR, .FPQ, .CSQ          .QPR, .QPX   Reports       .FRM, .FRG, .FRO           .FRX, .FRT                .FRX, .FRT   Screens       .SCR, .FMT, .FMO           .SCX, .SCT, .SPR, .SPX    .SCX, .SCT   Tables       .DBF, .DBT                 .DBF, .FPT                .DBF, .FPT				
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