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Moving Windows TrueType Fonts to Another Directory

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Windows and Windows for Workgroups copy TrueType font files to the WindowsSYSTEM subdirectory by default. Installing multiple TrueType fonts cancause the Windows SYSTEM subdirectory to become very large.

Although the only limitation on the size of the SYSTEM subdirectory is freedisk space, you may want to reduce the size of the Windows SYSTEMsubdirectory by changing the location in which the .TTF files are stored.The procedure below describes how to move the currently installed TrueTypefonts to a directory other than the default Windows SYSTEM subdirectory.
TrueType font files (.TTF) are used to create fonts in all point sizes atall resolutions for all output devices. Although these files are placed inthe Windows SYSTEM subdirectory by default, you can move the .TTF files toany subdirectory.

To move TrueType fonts to a subdirectory other than the default, use theprocedure below:

  1. List all the current TrueType fonts installed on the computer by double-clicking the Fonts icon in Control Panel.
  2. Select all the TrueType fonts that you want to move and choose the Remove button.
  3. In the Remove Font window, which asks for confirmation about deleting <xxxx> TrueType font (where <xxxx> is the name of a selected font), clear the Delete Font File From Disk check box and choose the Yes button.
  4. Exit Windows and change to the Windows SYSTEM subdirectory at the MS-DOS command prompt.
  5. Move all the .TTF files selected in step 2 to the new directory location. If, for example, all the TrueType font files are to be stored in a newly created directory called D:\TTFONTS, type the following at the MS-DOS command prompt:
    move *.ttf d:\ttfonts
    copy *.ttf d:\ttfonts del *.ttf
  6. Restart Windows and double-click the Fonts icon in Control Panel.
  7. Choose the Add button and specify the D:\TTFONTS directory from the bottom of the Add Fonts dialog box. Windows will begin retrieving all the font names from that directory.
  8. Disable the "Copy Fonts to Windows Directory" option by clearing the check box at the bottom of the Add Fonts dialog box and then choose the Select All button. Choose OK.
  9. Close the Fonts dialog box and Control Panel, then restart Windows.
NOTE: Since most programs install fonts in the Windows SYSTEM subdirectoryby default, any fonts added to the system at a later time also must bemanually moved with this procedure.
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