File Search User-Defined Function (UDF) Example

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The FileFind() user-defined function (UDF), shown below, uses the ADIR() function to locate a file starting from a particular location on the hard disk drive.
   PROCEDURE FILEFIND   * WARNING: If the user has a directory structure 32+ levels deep,   * this program will crash.   * This procedure will recursively search a specified directory and   * its subdirectories for a particular file and if found return the   * location from the root directory. If the file is not found, the   * message "FILE NOT FOUND!" will be displayed. Wildcard characters   * are not supported.   * Example of how to call this function is :   * TempVariable=FileFild("Customer.dbf","C:")   PARAMETER FILE, CUR_DIR   filefound = " "   IF RIGHT((cur_dir),1) = "\"        cur_dir=substr(cur_dir,1,len(cur_dir)-1)   ENDIF   =filesrch(file,cur_dir)   IF EMPTY(filefound)        filefound = "FILE NOT FOUND!"   ENDIF   RETURN UPPER(filefound)   FUNCTION FILESRCH   *   * This is the recursive part of the program. This function will   * search the specified directory and call itself again if needed to   * search a subdirectory.   PARAMETER FILENAME, CURDIR   PRIVATE filename, curdir, temp_dir, i, j  && Private variables needed   * curdir is the current directory.        && for recursion to work.   * filename is the file being searched for.   DIMENSION temp_dir(1,1)   temp_dir(1,1)=" "   =ADIR(temp_dir,curdir+"\"+FILENAME)   IF ASCAN(temp_dir,UPPER(filename)) != 0   && Search current directory        filefound=curdir + "\"+ UPPER(filename)        RETURN TO filefind                  && IF file found, end program   ENDIF   =ADIR(temp_dir,curdir+"\*.","D")          && Get subdirectories   IF temp_dir(1,1) != " " AND filefound =" "&& Search subdirectories        IF temp_dir(1,1)="."                 && Look at first subdirectory             IF ALEN(temp_dir,1)=2         && Possibly no subdirectories                  RETURN             ENDIF             i=3        ELSE             i=1        ENDIF        FOR j = i TO ALEN(temp_dir,1)  && Start searching subdirectories             curdir=curdir+"\"+temp_dir(j,1)             =filesrch(filename,curdir)      && Recursive call             curdir=SUBSTR(curdir,1,RAT("\",curdir)-1)        ENDFOR   ENDIF   RETURN				
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