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"Cannot Open Pivot Table Source..." Converting Crosstab

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In Microsoft Excel, when you open a Microsoft Excel version 4.0 worksheetthat contains a crosstab table, and you convert the crosstab table to apivot table, you receive the following error message
Cannot open pivot table source file 'DATABASE.DBF'
and the crosstab table is not converted.
This error message appears when you convert a crosstab table that wascreated from a database that is not contained in a Microsoft Excelworksheet file format (such as dBASE, Lotus 1-2-3, QuattroPro/DOS) and thefile that contains the data is not open. This behavior is by design inMicrosoft Excel. You cannot convert a crosstab table to a pivot tableunless the file that contains the supporting data is either open, or is inthe Microsoft Excel worksheet file format.

Note that you normally receive this error message when you create a pivottable if the path you type in the Range box in the PivotTable Wizard isincorrect, or if the file is not available. However, in this case, you canuse the Browse button in the PivotTable Wizard to locate the file andcontinue creating the pivot table.
To avoid receiving this error message when you convert a crosstabtable to a pivot table, do any of the following:

  • Open the file that contains the data that you are using in the crosstab table before you choose PivotTable from the Data menu. -or-

  • Create the crosstab table from a database contained in a Microsoft Excel worksheet file.
For more information about Converting A Microsoft Excel Version 4.0Crosstab Table To A Pivot Table, choose the Search button in Help andtype:
crosstab tables
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