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MS-DOS 6.22 Country.txt file

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The following information is contained in the COUNTRY.TXT file includedwith MS-DOS 6.22. The functionality of COUNTRY.SYS was enhanced in MS-DOS6.22 by adding keyboard support for Canada (standard CAN/CSA-Z keyboards),Brazil (secondary standard keyboards), Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland, FYRO Macedonia and Serbia/Montenegro, Romania, Russia, and Turkey.
Supplemental Information on MS-DOS 6.22--Customizing for International Use--------------------------------------------------------------------------This file provides information on customizing MS-DOS 6.22 for internationaluse. This information is not included in the MICROSOFT MS-DOS USER'S GUIDE,MS-DOS Help or the README.TXT file. It supplements the internationalkeyboard and character set information provided in Section 1 of theREADME.TXT file that accompanied MS-DOS 6.22.This file covers the following topics:  1. Additional Character Set (Codepage) and Keyboard Support      1.1  The KEYBRD2.SYS File      1.2  The EGA.CPI, EGA2.CPI, and EGA3.CPI Files      1.3  Configuring Your Computer to Use International-Language Settings  2. Switching Between Modes on Dual-Mode Keyboards  3. Quick Reference Tables for International Language Support1.  Additional Character Set (Codepage) and Keyboard Support============================================================MS-DOS 6.22 includes the KEYBRD2.SYS, EGA2.CPI and EGA3.CPI files, whichoffer support for additional keyboards and character sets (codepages).You use these files just as you would the KEYBOARD.SYS and EGA.CPI files.MS-DOS also includes new country/region settings in COUNTRY.SYS.MS-DOS 6.22 includes new country/region settings in COUNTRY.SYS that usethe new keyboards and character sets. For more information, see the tablesin section 4 of this file. For a complete list of all thecountries/regions, keyboards, and character sets provided by MS-DOS 6.22,see section 4 of this file.Note: ISO.CPI, an additional codepage information file, provides ISO-compliant fonts that can be used in place of the standard MS-DOS fonts. TheISO.CPI file is included in the MS-DOS Resource Kit; to obtain it, send inthe coupon in the back of your MS-DOS USER'S GUIDE.1.1  The KEYBRD2.SYS File-------------------------The KEYBRD2.SYS file is essentially similar to KEYBOARD.SYS; you use itjust as you would the KEYBOARD.SYS file. The differences betweenKEYBOARD.SYS and KEYBRD2.SYS are: -  KEYBRD2.SYS contains support for the following keyboards, which    are not supported by KEYBOARD.SYS:    Country/region/Language             Keyboard layout   Keyboard ID    -----------------------------------------------------------------    Canada (standard CAN/CSA-Z keyboard)   cf      See below.    Brazil (secondary standard keyboard)   br      274, 275    Bulgaria                               bg      442    Greece                                 gk      319    Iceland                                is      161    Macedonia and Serbia/Montenegro        yc      118    Romania                                ro      333    Russian                                ru      441    Turkish                                tr      440, 179 -  Although KEYBRD2.SYS contains a Canadian keyboard with the same    keyboard code (058) and identifier (cf) as KEYBOARD.SYS, the    layout of the two keyboards is different. The Canadian keyboard    layout in KEYBRD2.SYS meets the standard set forth by the Canadian    government's specification 243.200-92 (CAN/CSA-Z). The keyboard    layout in KEYBOARD.SYS is more commonly used, but does not meet    Canadian government specifications. -  The KEYBRD2.SYS file does not include support for the following    keyboards supported by KEYBOARD.SYS:       Belgium       Danish       French       Japan       Latin America       Netherlands       Portuguese       Spanish       Switzerland (German)       Switzerland (French) -  KEYBRD2.SYS contains changes to the German keyboard that are    not in KEYBOARD.SYS. In the German keyboard, the SHIFT lock    behavior of the top row of the keyboard is now functionally    the same as the US keyboard (that is, "typewriter mode"    has been removed).1.2  The EGA.CPI, EGA2.CPI, and EGA3.CPI Files----------------------------------------------MS-DOS 6.22 includes three codepage information (.CPI) files, eachof which contains information for different code pages.EGA.CPI contains the following:    437 - United States    850 - Multilingual (Latin I)    852 - Slavic/Eastern European (Latin II)    860 - Portuguese    863 - Canadian-French    865 - NordicEGA2.CPI contains the following:    737 - Greek II    850 - Multilingual (Latin I)    852 - Slavic/Eastern European (Latin II)    857 - Turkish    861 - Icelandic    869 - GreekEGA3.CPI contains the following:    437 - United States    850 - Multilingual (Latin I)    852 - Slavic/Eastern European (Latin II)    855 - Cyrillic I    866 - Russian (Cyrillic II)1.3  Configuring Your Computer to Use International-Language Settings---------------------------------------------------------------------To use country/region settings or a character set other than the standardones (United States), you must edit your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BATfiles.For example, to use the new Icelandic settings, carry out thefollowing steps:1. Add the following commands to your CONFIG.SYS file:    REM  ICELAND SETTINGS    COUNTRY=354,861,C:\DOS\COUNTRY.SYS    DEVICE=C:\DOS\DISPLAY.SYS CON=(,,2)2. Add the following commands to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:    REM  ICELAND SETTINGS    MODE CON CP PREPARE=((861 850)C:\DOS\EGA2.CPI)    MODE CON CP SELECT=861    KEYB IS,,C:\DOS\KEYBRD2.SYS				
3. Restart your computer.2.  Switching Between Modes on Dual-Mode Keyboards==================================================MS-DOS 6.22 includes dual-mode keyboard support for Greek,French Canadian, Bulgarian, Serbia/Montenegro, and Russian keyboards.These keyboards allow you to easily switch between two differentkeyboard modes. When your computer starts with one of these keyboards,the primary mode is active. To switch modes, press the appropriatekey combination (listed below).The key combinations for the Greek keyboard are as follows:                    Mode description    Key combination                    -----------------------------------  Primary mode      Latin               ALT+LEFT SHIFT  Secondary mode    Greek               ALT+RIGHT SHIFTThe key combinations for the French Canadian keyboard are as follows:                    Mode description    Key combination                    -----------------------------------  Primary mode      Latin               CTRL+RIGHT SHIFT  Secondary mode    Latin II            CTRL+LEFT SHIFTThe key combinations for the Bulgarian, Russian, Serbia/Montenegro andMacedonia keyboards are as follows:                    Mode description    Key combination                    -----------------------------------  Primary mode      Latin               ALT+LEFT SHIFT  Secondary mode    Cyrillic            ALT+RIGHT SHIFT4.  Quick Reference Tables for International Language Support=============================================================The following table lists each country/region supported by MS-DOS 6.22,along with the associated character set, CPI file, and keyboard codes.                                       Supported                       Country/Region  Character           Keyboard K'boardCountry/Region                 Code      Sets     CPI File    Code       ID===========================================================================Albania                 355     852, 850   EGA.CPI    --        ---Area South  (Arabic Countries/regions)    785     850, 864*  EGA.CPI    --        ---Argentina               054     850, 437   EGA.CPI    la        ---Australia               061     437, 850   EGA.CPI    us        ---Austria                 043     850, 437   EGA.CPI    gr        See section                                                                1.1Belgium                 032     850, 437   EGA.CPI    be        ---Bosnia/Herzegovina      387     852, 850   EGA.CPI    yu        234Brazil                  055     850, 437   EGA.CPI    br        274, 275Bulgaria                359     855, 850   EGA3.CPI   bg        442Canada French           002     850, 863   EGA.CPI    cf        See section                                                                1.1Canada English          004     850, 863   EGA.CPI    cf        See section                                                                1.1Chile                   056     850, 437   EGA.CPI    la        ---Colombia                057     850, 437   EGA.CPI    la        ---Croatia                 384     852, 850   EGA.CPI    yu        234Czech Republic          042     852, 850   EGA.CPI    cz        243Denmark                 045     850, 865   EGA.CPI    dk        ---Ecuador                 593     850, 437   EGA.CPI    la        ---Finland                 358     850, 437   EGA.CPI    su        ---France                  033     850, 437   EGA.CPI    fr        120, 189Germany                 049     850, 437   EGA.CPI    gr        See section                                                                1.1Greece                  030     869, 737,  EGA2.CPI   gk        319                                850Hong Kong               852     437, **    EGA.CPI    --        ---Hungary                 036     852, 850   EGA.CPI    hu        ---Iceland                 354     850, 861   EGA2.CPI   is        161India                   091     437, **    EGA.CPI    --        ---International English   061     437, 850   EGA.CPI    --        ---Ireland                 353     850, 437   EGA.CPI    uk        ---Israel                  972     850, 862*  EGA.CPI    --        ---Italy                   039     850, 437   EGA.CPI    it        141, 142Japan                   081     437, 932*  EGA.CPI    jp        ---Korea                   082     437, 934*  EGA.CPI    --        ---Latin America           003     850, 437   EGA.CPI    la        ---Macedonia               389     855, 850   EGA3.CPI   yc        118Malaysia                060     437, **    EGA.CPI    --        ---Mexico                  052     850, 437   EGA.CPI    la        ---Netherlands             031     850, 437   EGA.CPI    nl        ---New Zealand             064     437, 850   EGA.CPI    us        ---Norway                  047     850, 865   EGA.CPI    no        ---People's Republic  of China              086     437, 936*  EGA.CPI    --        ---Poland                  048     852, 850   EGA.CPI    pl        ---Portugal                351     850, 860   EGA.CPI    po        ---Romania                 040     852, 850   EGA.CPI    ro        333Russia                  007     866, 855,  EGA3.CPI   ru        441                                852, 850,                                437Serbia/Montenegro       381     855, 850   EGA3.CPI   yc        118Singapore               065     437, **    EGA.CPI    --        ---Slovakia                421     852, 850   EGA.CPI    sl        245Slovenia                386     852, 850   EGA.CPI    yu        234South Africa            027     437, 850   EGA.CPI    us        ---Spain                   034     850, 437   EGA.CPI    sp        ---Sweden                  046     850, 437   EGA.CPI    sv        ---Switzerland             041     850, 437   EGA.CPI    sf (French)                                                      sg (German)Taiwan                  886     437, 938*  EGA.CPI    --        ---Turkey                  090     857, 850   EGA2.CPI   tr        440, 179United Kingdom          044     850, 437   EGA.CPI    uk        166, 168United States           001     437, 850   EGA.CPI    us        ---Venezuela               058     850, 437   EGA.CPI    la        --- *  Although COUNTRY.SYS supports the country/region conventions (date,    time, currency, etc.) associated with code pages 862 (Hebrew), 864    (Arabic), 932 (Japanese), 934 (Korean), 936 (PRC Chinese), and 938    (Taiwanese), those character sets (code pages) are available only with    the associated special versions of MS-DOS (Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese,    Korean, PRC Chinese, and Taiwanese). ** Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and Singapore have been added to    COUNTRY.SYS to give access to these countries'/regions' settings when    using Universal English.If you need to use settings for one of these countries/regions using theprimary language for that country/region, contact the appropriateInternational Microsoft Office (Microsoft Hong Kong Limited, MicrosoftSystems Private Limited (India), Microsoft Malaysia Sdn Bhd, or MicrosoftSingapore Pte Ltd).				

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