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A number of applications display a printer-configuration dialog box titled"Document Properties" when the user selects File from the Application menu, select Print, and then select Setup.

The DocumentProperties() API is used to display this dialog box. You need to call DocumentProperties() with the DM_IN_PROMPT bit set in the last parameter (fMode). You also need to call OpenPrinter() before calling DocumentProperties().
The following code demonstrates how to call DocumentProperties():

Sample Code

   HDC         hPrnDC;   LPDEVMODE   lpDevMode = NULL;   LPDEVNAMES  lpDevNames;   LPSTR       lpszDriverName;   LPSTR       lpszDeviceName;   LPSTR       lpszPortName;   PRINTDLG    pd;   HANDLE      hPrinter;   int         nDMSize;   HANDLE      hDevMode;   NPDEVMODE   npDevMode;   DEVMODE     DevModeIn;   // Get the defaults without displaying any dialog boxes.   pd.Flags = PD_RETURNDEFAULT;   pd.hDevNames = NULL;   pd.hDevMode = NULL;   pd.lStructSize = sizeof(PRINTDLG);   PrintDlg((LPPRINTDLG)&pd);   lpDevNames = (LPDEVNAMES)GlobalLock(pd.hDevNames);   lpszDriverName = (LPSTR)lpDevNames + lpDevNames->wDriverOffset;   lpszDeviceName = (LPSTR)lpDevNames + lpDevNames->wDeviceOffset;   lpszPortName   = (LPSTR)lpDevNames + lpDevNames->wOutputOffset;   OpenPrinter(lpszDeviceName,&hPrinter,NULL);   // A zero for last param returns the size of buffer needed.   nDMSize = DocumentProperties(hWnd,hPrinter,lpszDeviceName,NULL,NULL,0);   if ((nDMSize < 0) || !(hDevMode = LocalAlloc (LHND, nDMSize)))      return NULL;   npDevMode = (NPDEVMODE) LocalLock (hDevMode);   // Fill in the rest of the structure.   lstrcpy (DevModeIn.dmDeviceName, lpszDeviceName);   DevModeIn.dmSpecVersion    = 0x300;   DevModeIn.dmDriverVersion  = 0;   DevModeIn.dmSize           = sizeof (DevModeIn);   DevModeIn.dmDriverExtra    = 0;   // Display the "Document Properties" dialog box.   DocumentProperties(hWnd,hPrinter,lpszDeviceName,npDevMode,&DevModeIn,      DM_IN_PROMPT|DM_OUT_BUFFER);   // Get the printer DC.   hPrnDC = CreateDC(lpszDriverName,lpszDeviceName,lpszPortName,(LPSTR)npDevMode);   LocalUnlock (hDevMode);   //  Use the printer DC.   ...				
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