NET Commands Available in Microsoft Network Clients

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The different NET commands available from the command prompt varywith the different network clients available from Microsoft. Thislist notes which NET commands are available for each of the differentclients. This list can be useful if you need a specific command, butaren't sure which clients support that command.
Use the following key when viewing the list:

   DOS LM   =  LAN Manager (Enhanced Workstation) under DOS   WFW      =  Windows for Workgroups (Full Redirector)   Add-On   =  Workgroup Add-On for MS-DOS (Full Redirector)   MSWGCN   =  Workgroup Connection (Full Redirector)   NT       =  Windows NT operating system   OS/2 LM  =  LAN Manager under OS/2              DOS LM   WFW   Add-On   MSWGCN   NT   OS/2 LM              ------   ---   ------   ------   --   -------      ACCESS     X                                     X     ACCESS    ACCOUNTS                                   X       X     ACCOUNTS       ADMIN     X                                     X     ADMIN       AUDIT                                           X     AUDIT        COMM                                           X     COMM    COMPUTER                                   X             COMPUTER      CONFIG     X      X       X       X      X       X     CONFIG     CONSOLE                                           X     CONSOLE    CONTINUE     X                             X       X     CONTINUE        COPY     X                                     X     COPY      DEVICE                                           X     DEVICE        DIAG            X       X                            DIAG       ERROR                                           X     ERROR        FILE                    X              X       X     FILE     FORWARD                                           X     FORWARD       GROUP                                   X       X     GROUP        HELP     X      X       X       X      X       X     HELP     HELPMSG     X                             X       X     HELPMSG        INIT            X       X                            INIT  LOCALGROUP                                   X             LOCALGROUP         LOG     X                                     X     LOGLOGFILE NUL:     X                                     X     LOGFILE NUL:      LOGOFF     X      X       X       X              X     LOGOFF       LOGON     X      X       X       X              X     LOGON        MOVE     X                                     X     MOVE        NAME     X                             X       X     NAME NET (shell)     X      X       X       X              X     NET (shell)    PASSWORD     X      X       X       X              X     PASSWORD       PAUSE     X                             X       X     PAUSE       PRINT     X      X       X       X      X       X     PRINT         RUN                                           X     RUN        SEND     X                             X       X     SEND   SEPARATOR                                           X     SEPARATOR     SESSION                    X              X       X     SESSION       SHARE                    X              X       X     SHARE       START     X      X       X       X      X       X     START  STATISTICS                                   X       X     STATISTICS      STATUS                                           X     STATUS        STOP     X      X       X       X      X       X     STOP        TIME     X      X       X       X      X       X     TIME         USE     X      X       X       X      X       X     USE        USER                                   X       X     USER         VER     X      X       X       X              X     VER        VIEW     X      X       X       X      X       X     VIEW         WHO     X                                     X     WHO              ------   ---   ------   ------   --   -------              DOS LM   WFW   Add-On   MSWGCN   NT   OS/2 LM				
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  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11
  • Microsoft LAN Manager 2.2 Standard Edition
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