How to Use and Troubleshoot HP JetDirect NIC Printing

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This article is a third party product review on how to use and troubleshootthe HP JetDirect printer network interface card and software with aMicrosoft LAN Manager Server.

There are three sections below. The first deals with print files hung inthe print queue that you cannot delete. The second deals with generaltroubleshooting and the third with low-memory troubleshooting.

This article deals with HP JetDirect software version A.00.03 issues,although a new version A.00.05 is also referenced.
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Dealing With Hung Print Jobs and Queues

Stop the HPREDIR by running the C:\HPNETPRN\INSTALL.EXE in an OS/2 box.At the initial screen, note the version number and press ENTER or click OK.Press ENTER two more times. At the current box asking for the Installdirectory, press ESCAPE. This stops the HPREDIR and allows files to bedeleted from the OS2\SPOOL printer queue directories. This feature is notdescribed in the HP documentation and was intended as a tech support backdoor for HP. The new A.00.05 JetDirect software (described below) providesa utility to stop the HPREDIR called KILLRDR.EXE.

If OS/2 says the file is in use, boot from the HPFS Recovery disk and runCHKDSK C: /f:3 (located on the OS/2 Disk One) to correct HPFS file problemsthen delete the queue files. On large drives, this may take a while. If youare running the FAT file system, boot from an MS-DOS system disk and runNorton Disk Doctor version 6 or 7 to repair file problems and Norton SpeedDisk to defragment files. Comparable products are available.

Only the MSNULL.DRV driver should be used when setting up printer queuesfrom the HP setup program. Note the version of the HP setup program on thefirst screen. HP uses LAN Manager internally and uses the MSNULL.DRV, eventhough the JetDirect manual says to use one of their drivers. Those driversare for OS/2 applications only.

The HPREDIR is restarted when you press ENTER from the first screen of theHP setup program. If the printer is not hung, all the attached JetDirectprinters should re-connect properly.

Do not try to cancel, kill or delete a printing print job. Instead, go tothe OS/2 Print Manager, put the queue on hold and let the current printingjob finish. Failing to do this or to use the MSNULL.DRV are the mainreasons for hung print queues. If you are not using HP JetDirect printers,you can just put the queue on hold and cancel the current printing job.

General Troubleshooting

Always use the HP setup program to create, modify or delete printers. Itcreates the printer name, queue name and share name and allows you toselect a printer driver. The only thing required outside of the setupprogram is to modify the access rights to the sharename: change it fromADMIN to PUBLIC.

If the printer seems to be hung, turn it off and on to reinitialize itsNIC. If it still won't print, print a STATUS page to indicate thecard's current status and whether it is having problems. The HP LJ IIIhas a button on the NIC and the III/IV si has a menu option built-in toprint the JetDirect STATUS page

Monitor the HP SETUP Error Log and watch for errors reported on theprinter's status report. Setting the printer menu option AUTO CONTINUE toYES allows the printer to auto continue after a communication error,saving you the trouble of a manual reset.

If the error message in the HP setup program indicates that DLC settingsneed to be increased, it is referring to the LAN Manager COMTOKR protocol.Refer to 94084 for the COMTOKR tuning parameters needed. These values arenot documented in LAN Manager documents. If you still have questions,call HP and they will advise of what changes to make in PROTOCOL.INI.

READ the README (no extension) file in C:\HPNETPRN directory and the "HPJetDirect Administrator's Guide." Compare the HP SETUP error log withsolutions described in the manual. Each error number has an associatedmessage. Call HP to resolve problems not related to generic server ormemory issues.

Low Memory Troubleshooting

Change HPFS386 /Cache:auto to 4096 or less, but not less than 2048. Ifthere are more than two HP JetDirect printers on a server and you have poorperformance or problems with the print queues or share names, check theC:\OS2\SYSTEM\SWAPPER.DAT file to determine if the server is running outof real memory. Most servers can handle only six printers, although somedocumentation say seven is the maximum.

If the SWAPPER.DAT file size is larger than the value of the SWAPPATHvalue in CONFIG.SYS, the server is running out of real memory. The file'sdate indicates when this last occurred and its size tells you by how much.The default size is 512K. Re-boot the server and monitor the SWAPPER.DATsize and date to see if you can associate running out of real memory withsome active process. Try moving services such as Remote Access Serviceand Microsoft Services for the Macintosh, Microsoft ComServer, MicrosoftSQL Server and TCP/IP HUB Service to other servers. All of these servicesare heavy OS/2 resource and memory users.

If you still have problems with HP JetDirect printing after doing somecommon sense tuning to the server services, call 208-323-2551 for HewlettPackard Customer Support (press 4 for Jet Direct) and 1-800-227-8164 toorder manuals from HP Parts Direct.

A.00.05 is the latest JetDirect software version according to HP as of08/04/94. When determining currency, file versions matter, file datesdon't. Version A.00.05 is new and testing indicates that it may resolvesome issues mentioned in this article. It has not been stress tested,though. You can download it from CompuServe. Type GO HPPER, and downloadfile OS2NPI.EXE. It is a self extracting ZIP file and includes a newREADME file that is worth printing out and studying; it contains severalnew tuning recommendations and has a bug list.
"Hewlett Packard JetDirect Administrator's Guide for IBM LAN Server,Microsoft LAN Manager and 3Com 3+Open 1.1 Networks"

"Hewlett Packard JetDirect Card Installation Guide"

Hewlett Packard JetDirect README file

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