Checking Crashdump File for Corruption

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The Windows NT version 3.5 Software Development Kit (SDK) includes autility that you can use with the memory.dmp file to validate the integrityof the file: Dumpchk.exe.


DUMPCHK [options] <CrashDumpFile>

This utility checks the validity of a crash dump file.

   Options   -------   -?     Displays a Help message.   -v     Verbose mode.   -p     Print header only, do not validate file.   -q     Perform a quick test.				

<CrashDumpFile> - The name of the crashdump file.


DUMPEXAM [options] <CrashDumpFile>

   Options   -------   -?            Display this message   -v            Verbose mode   -p            Print header only   -f File name] Specify output file name   -y Path]      Set the symbol search path				

If the crashdump filename is empty the name specified in the registry is used.

If the symbol search path is empty the compact disc is used for symbols.

<CrashDumpFile> - The name of the crashdump file.


DUMPFLOP [opts]                            - Store default dump thru                                             Drive A:

DUMPFLOP [opts] <CrashDumpFile> [<Drive>:] - Store crash dump onto floppies
DUMPFLOP [opts] <Drive>: [<CrashDumpFile>] - Assemble crash dump from floppies

   Options ([opts])   ----------------   -? display this message   -p only prints crash dump header on assemble operation   -v show compression statistics   -q formats floppy when necessary during store operation      overwrites existing crash dump file during assemble operation				

<CrashDumpFile> - The name of the crashdump file.

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