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ALT+SHIFT+NUMLOCK Doesn't Save Use Keypad As Mouse Option

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When you press the ALT+SHIFT+NUMLOCK key combination to toggle the "UseNumeric Keypad as Mouse" (Mouse Keys) option, the setting is not saved inthe Microsoft IntelliType Manager.
The ALT+SHIFT+NUMLOCK key combination enables or disable the Mouse Keysoption for the current Windows session. It does not actually update theMSINPUT.INI file for subsequent Windows sessions.
To correct this problem, set the numeric keypad for use as the Mouse withthe following steps:
  1. In the IntelliType Manager, choose the Pointer Control tab.
  2. Select the Enabled check box for the "Use Numeric Keypad as Mouse" option, then choose OK.
The option to use the numeric keypad as the Mouse is saved as MouseKey=On(or MouseKey=Off if it is disabled) in the MSINPUT.INI file. The settingsin the MSINPUT.INI file should be changed through the IntelliType Manageronly. Changes to this file by means other than the IntelliType Manager (ormanual editing) are not saved for later Windows sessions.

After you press the ALT+SHIFT+NUMLOCK combination to enable or disableMouse Keys, the IntelliType Manager "Use Numeric Keypad as Mouse" optiondoes reflect the changed status; however, the changed status is not savedin the MSINPUT.INI file unless you change the option in the IntelliTypeManager.

NOTE: The NUMLOCK key must be set to OFF to use the numeric keypad as theMouse.
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