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WINS Proxy Agent Functionality

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Windows NT Server and Workstation, Windows 95 and the protected mode TCP/IP-32 for Windows for Workgroup 3.11 allow a Windows Internet Name Service(WINS)-enabled computer to act as a WINS proxy agent for the b-nodeclients. The purpose of the WINS proxy agent is to resolve name queriesfrom the b-node clients through the WINS server.
When a b-node client tries to access a resource, it sends a broadcast forthat name on the local subnet. If a WINS proxy agent is enabled on thatsubnet, the agent picks up the name query and tries to resolve it throughthe internal cache of remote names. If the name is not registered in thecache, the agent contacts the WINS server to resolve the names. If the namequery for the remote name is successful, the proxy agent receives the IPaddress of the remote name from the WINS server. When the IP address isreceived, the proxy agent caches the name, waits for the next query forthat name, and then responds from the cache indicating that the name queryis successfully resolved. If the proxy agent cannot resolve a name throughthe internal cache or by the WINS server, the proxy agent will not returnany response to the b-node client causing the b-node client to time-out. Aproxy agent does not participate in the name registration process, nor doesit check for duplicate names in the WINS server database for the b-nodeclient.

NOTE: There should only be one or two proxy agents enabled per subnet.Enabling more than two proxy agents causes multiple requests to be sent tothe WINS server, and multiple responses to be generated for each name queryon the local subnet.

NOTE: In Windows NT 4.0, the WINS Proxy Agent cannot be enabled in theNetwork Control Panel, but can be enabled by changing a registry setting.

For more information, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledgebase:
ARTICLE-ID: 164765
TITLE : How to enable WINS Proxy Agent in Windows NT 4.0
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