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The Windows NT 3.5 AT command does not load applications interactively eventhough the System Account Allow Service to Interact with Desktop check boxis selected for the Scheduler service. The AT command does load theapplication in the background, but you are not able to see or interact withthe application in any way.
To load applications interactively with the AT command, use the/INTERACTIVE parameter. For example, to run Notepad at 12:30pm, type thefollowing at the command line in Command Prompt:

   at 12:30:00 /interactive notepad.exe				
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Windows NT Workstation andWindows NT Server version 3.5. We are researching this problem and willpost new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomesavailable.

Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. From the Services portion of Control Panel, choose Schedule. The Service dialog box appears for the Windows NT Scheduler service.
  2. Select Allow Service to Interact with Desktop and choose OK.
  3. Choose Start (make sure the status says Started).
  4. Exit Control Panel.
  5. Start Command Prompt and type the following (you may want to change the time):

    at 12:30:00 notepad.exe
  6. Once the time you entered has passed, type AT at the command prompt to see if the AT buffer is empty and the task was completed. Notepad is not visible on the desktop.
  7. Load Process Viewer (from the Windows NT Resource Kit). You should see Notepad running in the process window. However, you will not be able to close out the background application using Process Viewer. You must shutdown Windows NT and restart to clear the application from memory.


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