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Purge Print Jobs Fails to Clear Printer Buffer

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Windows 95 allows you to remove all print jobs from a printer by double-clicking your printer and then clicking the Purge Print Jobs command on thePrinter menu. However, if a document containing graphics is currentlyprinting when you click the Purge Print Jobs command, a portion of thepurged document prints on the first page of the next print job. The second,and subsequent pages print correctly. On some printers, it is possible toclear the graphics by forcing a page feed. In most cases though, you mustreprint the first page of the document to get the correct output.
Some printers send raster data or graphic images using a command thatindicates how many bytes of raster data will be sent followed by the actualimage in bytes. For example, sending X bytes of raster data, followed bythe X bytes.

When a print job is purged, the spooler stops sending data and makes arequest for the printer driver to send a reset command to the printer.

If the data stream is in the middle of transferring raster data, the resetcommand can be interpreted as more raster data in which case the printerwill continue printing the image. If the data stream is not in the middleof transferring raster data, the printer will stop printing where the resetcommand was issued.

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