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When you type or select text in the Word Processor and then choose theBullets button, Works for Windows inserts a bullet at the beginning of thatline and moves your text 0.25 inch to the right. This occurs even if yourcursor is to the right of the text.

To insert a bullet to the right of the text, you can use custom-set tabs,and manually insert the bullet character from the Symbol font.
To create a line with a bullet to the right of some text, as in the following example
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do the following:

  1. Type the text you want to the left of the bullet.
  2. From the Format menu, click Tabs.
  3. In the Position box, type the number of inches you would like the bullet to be from the left margin, and click Set (Works 4.0 or 4.5), or Insert (Works 3.0).
  4. Type a number that is 0.25 inch greater than the number you just typed and click OK.
  5. Verify that the cursor is to the right of the text typed in Step 1, then press the TAB key once.
  6. From the Font list, click the Symbol True Type font.
  7. Hold down the ALT key and type the four-digit number 0183 on the numeric keypad. This inserts the bullet symbol.
  8. Change the font back to the one you would like to use for your text.
  9. Press the TAB key one more time and type the text after the bullet.
  10. Press ENTER to end the line.
The additional lines with the bullet to the left of the text can be createdusing the Bullets toolbar button.

When you choose the Bullets button, Works sets a hanging indent and selects the Bulleted check box. By default, this option automatically inserts the bullet at the beginning of the line.

In Works 4.0, 4.5, or 4.5a, the bullets can be removed by selecting thebulleted paragraph and clicking the Bullets button on the toolbar. TheBullets button toggles the bullets on and off.

In Works 3.0, each time you choose the Bullets button in succession, you will move the indent 0.25 inch further to the right. As a result, you may want to set your tabs at measurements in inches divisible by 0.25.

To remove bullets created by the Bullets button and reset the indent to the left margin:

  1. From the Format menu, click Paragraph.
  2. Click the Quick Formats tab.
  3. Select Normal in the Style box and select Left Margin in the Apply relative to box.
  4. Click OK.
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