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Print Manager in Windows NT version 3.5 does not maintain a default printertray selection as in Windows NT version 3.1.
Windows NT printing is forms-based. Windows NT checks the form beingprinted on to discover what paper path to use. A form must be associatedwith a paper tray to be printed on anything other than the default formassociation. Once these associations are made, Windows NT is very flexiblein printing. For example, a form Letter could be associated with the UpperTray. Then a new form could be created with the same dimensions as Letterbut called Letterhead. Letterhead could be associated with the Lower Tray.In use, one application could be a macro for a word processor that printsusing Letterhead as the first page and then Letter for the rest.
A separate form is required for association with different printer paperpaths. To add a new paper path and form, use the following procedure:

  1. Run Print Manager.
  2. From the Printer menu, choose Forms.
  3. Scroll down the list of forms and select Letter.
  4. Enter or replace Letter with one of the following under Form Description: Letter Lower Tray or Letterhead Lower Tray. Choose OK.

    NOTE: The names above are examples. You can use any name for the form.
  5. From the Printer menu, choose Properties and then Setup.
  6. Select the Paper Tray for form reassignment. Then assign the new form (Letter Lower Tray or Letterhead Lower Tray) to the paper tray. Choose OK.
  7. To verify the changes, repeat Step 5 and select the Paper Tray.
  8. Exit Print Manager and try printing again.
NOTE: The PostScript driver in Window NT 3.1 does not recognize multiplepaper paths and prints only from the default paper path. The Windows NT 3.5PostScript driver recognizes multiple paper paths and will work as statedabove.
One form cannot be associated with multiple paper paths. This is the mostcommon cause of difficulty when associating forms with a paper path. PrintManager allows multiple path associations but only one will work. A commonexample is the Letter form. The Letter form by default is associated withthe first paper path in the list of paper paths. Even though you can definethe Letter form for the Lower Tray, Windows NT still prints to the uppertray since the Letter form was first associated with the Upper Tray. Inorder to change the Letter form to use the Lower Tray, you must rename theform and associate it with the Lower Tray or remove the association withthe Upper Tray.

For additional information, please see the following article in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:
ARTICLE-ID: 129006
TITLE : Windows NT 3.51: HP-PCL Driver Does Not Send Output Tray Command
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