Forced Disconnect for Macintosh Users Not Working

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In User Manager for Domains, when you select Forcibly Disconnect RemoteUsers From Server When Logon Hours Expire and specify limited logon hoursfor an account, the following problems occur for Macintosh accounts:

  • Users are not warned that their logon is about to expire.
  • Users are not disconnected when their logons expire.
  • Disconnects occur after the scheduled disconnect time.
The 10 minute countdown prior to disconnect is not scheduled to run untilone minute before the disconnect time. Several timers are not started andreset on time. This problem may be more evident for those connecting withguest sessions.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Windows NT Server version3.5. This problem was corrected in the latest U.S. Service Pack for WindowsNT version 3.5. For information on obtaining the Service Pack, query on thefollowing word in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (without the spaces):

   S E R V P A C K				
In User Manager for Domains you can limit users to certain logon hours. Forexample, you can limit a user to logon between 8 AM and 5 PM, and selectForcibly Disconnect Remote Users From Server When Logon Hours Expire in theAccount Policies dialog box.

A PC user with these logon hours will be notified with two messages statingthat they are about to be disconnected from the network and then one finalmessage stating that they have been disconnected from the network. If thisPC user then tries to connect to the server, access will be denied. Anyprevious connections to the server will be disconnected.

Macintosh users that are connected to Macintosh volumes on the servershould be sent a message 10 minutes before being forcibly disconnected fromthe server with at least one more reminder before being disconnected. Iflogon hours are exceeded the Macintosh users as well as the PC users withthe restricted hours should be forcibly disconnected.

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