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This article describes switches that correct some display problems that canoccur in Microsoft Windows 95.
The [boot] section of the SYSTEM.INI file should contain the following linefor any Windows 95 version of a display driver:
The actual video driver (such as VGA.DRV or S3.DRV) is loaded from theregistry. This allows support for dockable personal computers that havedifferent adapters for the laptop versus the docking station.

Setting the monitor type in the display properties does not affect therefresh rate output by your display adapter. To change this, you must run autility supplied by your display adapter manufacturer or computermanufacturer. Some display utilities must be run in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file;however, on other computers, display type is set in BIOS configurationprograms.

Examples of display utilities from adapter manufacturers include thefollowing:
   ATI                      INSTALL.EXE   Cirrus Logic             MONTYPE.EXE, CLMODE.EXE   Diamond Stealth          STLMODE.EXE   Tseng Labs               VMODE.EXE   Western Digital          VGAMODE.EXE				
The sections below describe different video cards and the requirements forthese drivers to work correctly in Windows 95.

ATI Mach 8/32/64

This adapter must be configured correctly using the ATI INSTALL.EXE programfor Windows 95 to use high-resolution modes properly. Correct setting ofyour monitor type is especially important. This is because the high-resolution modes may not be available for selection, or the computer mayfail when attempting to switch to that mode.

Compaq QVision 2000

These adapters use the Matrox MGA controller.

Matrox MGA

These adapters are supported with Windows 95 drivers. The VGA driveris installed by Setup.

Diamond Stealth 64

For True Color support (16.7 million colors) add TrueColor=24 in the[DISPLAY] section of the SYSTEM.INI

Diamond Viper

Setup preserves Microsoft Windows 3.1 drivers for this adapter when Setupis run from within Windows 3.1. Setting up Windows 95 from MS-DOS causesthe Windows 95 VGA driver to be installed. If this occurs, the DiamondViper setup program should be used to install the Windows 3.1 drivers intoWindows 95. Copy the latest Viper files from the Drivers directory on theWindows 95 CD.

IBM ThinkPad

This laptop uses Western Digital controllers. Older versions of theselaptops require the IBM VESA driver file to be loaded in Autoexec.bat(Ibmvesa.com) or in Config.sys (Vesa.exe) for 256-color and high-resolutionmodes to be supported by the Windows 95 Western Digital display driver.Newer versions of these laptops do not require the use of the IBM VESAdriver.

S3-Based Video Adapters

Windows 95 provides a hardware acceleration slider that can be used tocorrect graphics problems:
  • If you have problems with your mouse pointer, disable the hardware cursor by setting the slider to the Most setting.
  • If you experience miscellaneous hangs with your S3 adapter, disable memory-mapped I/O by setting the slider to the Basic setting.
  • If you have problems with a modem on COM 4, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    127138 S3 Video Driver Conflicts with COM4
If you continue to have problems, try the None setting.

For more information on how to use the slider to change the wayWindows 95 uses the video card, please see the following article in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:
127139 Troubleshooting Video Problems in Windows 95
Manually adding "HighColor=15" (no quotes) to the [Windows] section ofthe WIN.INI file corrects incorrect color at 16 bits per pixel using a555 format.

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