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Updating Incorrect Calculations on Worksheet Created on Pentium

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When you open a worksheet or workbook in Microsoft Excel, formulas thatinvolve dividing certain combinations of numbers may display unexpectedresults if the file was created on a computer that contains an IntelPentium processor. This behavior occurs even if you open the file on acomputer that does not contain an Intel Pentium processor, or even afteryou have installed the Pentium Floating Point Unit (FPU) Patch availablefrom Microsoft.

Additionally, if you press the F9 key or use the calculation buttons on theCalculation tab in the Options dialog box (version 5.0) or in theCalculation Options dialog box (version 4.0), the formulas are not updatedwith the correct results.
If you are using Microsoft Excel on a computer that contains an IntelPentium processor, you may receive unexpected results when you performmathematical operations that involve dividing certain combinations ofnumbers. This problem is caused by an error in the FPU, a part of the IntelPentium chip that performs elaborate calculations. Intel is aware of thisproblem.

If you open a file that contains the incorrect calculations on a computerthat does not contain an Intel Pentium processor, or if you have installedthe Pentium Floating Point Unit Patch on a computer that contains an IntelPentium processor, the incorrect calculations are not automatically updatedon the worksheet because the formulas have not been changed.

NOTE: The FPU Patch is incorporated into Microsoft Excel 97. If you areusing Microsoft Excel 97, it is not necessary to install any type of patchif your computer includes a floating point unit. However, if you open afile saved on another computer, you could still encounter this problem.
To update the formulas on your worksheet, either after you have installedthe patch, or if you are using a worksheet that was created on a computerwith a Pentium processor, you must update the formulas on your worksheet.Use either of the following methods to force the formulas to berecalculated:

Method 1

Force the entire worksheet to be recalculated by pressing CTRL+ALT+F9.

Method 2

Recalculate a single cell or range of cells on your worksheet. To do this,use the following steps:

NOTE: The following method is not recommended if you are using array-typeformulas. Replacing the equal sign (=) in these formulas requires you tore-enter any array formulas as arrays.

  1. Select the cell (or cells) on your worksheet that you want to update.
  2. On the Edit menu, click Replace. (In Microsoft Excel version 4.0, click Replace on the Formula menu.)
  3. In the Find What box, type =. In the Replace With box, type =. In Microsoft Excel version 5.0, clear the Find Entire Cells Only check box if it is selected. In Microsoft Excel version 4.0, under Look At, select Part.
  4. To recalculate a single cell, click Replace. To recalculate a range of cells, click Replace All.
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