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Cannot Set Print Area or Print Titles

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When you select multiple sheets in a Microsoft Excel workbook, certainsheet-specific print settings are unavailable in the Page Setup dialog box.
When you select multiple sheets, the following options are not availableon the Sheet tab of the Page Setup dialog box:
  • Print Area
  • Rows to repeat at top
  • Columns to repeat at left
NOTE: Menu commands that are not available are dimmed. Clicking on a menucommand that is not available has no effect. Clicking the Set Print Areaicon also has no effect when multiple sheets are selected.

Selecting multiple sheets places the sheets in group mode. In group mode,any changes you make to one sheet affect the other sheets in that group.The commands that are not available are settings that are specific toone page; these commands are not available in group mode.

Determining Whether Sheets Are in Group Mode

Sheets are in group mode if one of the following conditions is true:
  • The word "Group" follows the workbook name in either the title bar of the program or the title bar of the workbook window. -or-

  • When you right-click or press CONTROL while clicking (on a Macintosh computer) any sheet tab, the command "Ungroup Sheets" appears on the shortcut menu. -or-

  • More than one sheet tab is selected.
The default color of selected sheets is white. More than one white tabindicates that more than one sheet is selected.

Grouping Sheets

You can group sheets if you press SHIFT or CTRL (COMMAND on a Macintoshcomputer) while you click the sheet tabs. Holding SHIFT selects all sheetsin the range. Holding CTRL or COMMAND selects individual sheets and placesthem in a group.

Ungrouping Sheets

To ungroup sheets, use either of the following methods:
  • Click any sheet not included in the group. (The sheet tab of a sheet that is not selected is gray by default.) -or-

  • Right-click or hold down CONTROL and click (on the Macintosh) any sheet tab, and then click Ungroup Sheets.

Microsoft Excel 97

For more information about working with grouped sheets, click the Index tabin Microsoft Excel Help, type the following text
sheets, multiple entries
and then double-click the selected text to go to the "Enter or edit thesame data on multiple worksheets" topic.

Microsoft Excel 7.0

For more information about selecting multiple worksheets, click the Indextab in Microsoft Excel Help, type the following text
sheets, selecting
and then double-click the selected text to go to the "Select sheets in aworkbook" topic.

Microsoft Excel 5.0

For an "Overview of Selecting Sheets in a Workbook," choose the Searchbutton in Help, and type:
worksheets, selecting
Choose the Show Topics button, select the topic, and choose Go To.
XL97 7.00a 5.00a 5.00c grouped deselect printarea grayed greyed group edit mode XL

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