Pasting text to the Notes field overwrites notes in following rows in Microsoft Project

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In Microsoft Project, when you paste text to the Notes field in a table inyour project, the note may be pasted to multiple rows, overwriting theNotes field for the tasks following the selected task.
This behavior occurs if the text of the note that you paste in your projectcontains a carriage return. If the text contains a carriage return, thetext is pasted to multiple rows on your table. When you paste this text tothe Notes field for a task, the text that follows each carriage return isentered in the Notes field in the following row. If the following row doesnot contain a task, a new task is entered with the default task information(without a task name). If the following row contains a task that alreadyhas text in the Notes field, the text of the notes field that you pastedoverwrites the existing information in the Notes field.

This behavior is by design. When you paste text to afield in a table, if the text contains a carriage return character, theinformation that precedes the carriage return is pasted to the destinationcell, while the text that follows the carriage return is pasted to thefollowing row. Note that this behavior also occurs when you paste text tothe Task Name field.

This problem can occur when you paste text that you copied from the Notesbox for a task (which can contain carriage return characters), or if youpaste text that you copied from a word processing document, such as aMicrosoft Word document.
To work around this behavior when you paste text to a Notes field inyour project, use one of the following methods, as appropriate for the version of Project that you are running.

Microsoft Project 2010

  1. On the Task tab, click Notes.
  2. Place the inservtion point in the Notes box, and then press CTRL+V.
  3. Click OK.

Microsoft Project 4.0 through Microsoft Office Project 2007

  1. On the Project menu, click Task Information.
  2. Click the Notes tab.
  3. Place the insertion point in the Notes box, and then press CTRL+V.
  4. Click OK.

Microsoft Project 3.0

Enter the text in the Notes box on the Task Form. To paste the textwithout using the Paste command on the Edit menu, press CTRL+V.
For more information about Notes (Task Field), click the Search button inHelp and type Notes field.
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