"Out of Memory" Error After Updating MSAV Signature File

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After you update the Microsoft Anti-Virus signature files, you receivethe following error message when you press the F9 key while you arerunning MS-DOS Anti-Virus (MSAV.EXE):
Out of memory
When this error occurs, the computer may stop responding (hang).

Note that this problem occurs only with the MS-DOS Anti-Virus signaturefiles. This problem does not occur with the Windows Anti-Virus (MWAV.EXE)signature files.
The Microsoft MS-DOS Anti-Virus signature file update (DOSAV.EXE) dated3/18/95 and later corrects the "Out of Memory" error the articlediscusses. All information about the updated signature file for MS-DOSAnti-Virus is provided by Symantec/Central Point.
Updated signature files for the Microsoft Anti-Virus programs for MS-DOSand Windows are available from the Symantec/Central Point BBS or theSymantec/Central Point forum on CompuServe. The updated signature listfor MS-DOS Anti-Virus is called DOSAV.EXE, dated 9/27/95. The updatedsignature list for Windows Anti-Virus is called WINAV.EXE, dated 8/31/95.

The Symantec/Central Point BBS number is (541) 984-5366.

To reach the Symantec/Central Point forum on CompuServe, type GO SYMDOS orSYMWIN at any CompuServe prompt.
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