BUG: SourceSafe Update Command Fails on Large Binary File

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A large binary file cannot be updated in SourceSafe.
Insufficient resources to create the difference file.
If it is not possible to increase the HMA by decreasing the number ofdrivers necessary for a given system, try putting all binary files in asubproject, and put the following line in the project header for thatsubproject:
Store_Deltas = No
This will turn off the calculation of differences (storing theentire file) for this subproject only.

For example, you may want to organize your projects as shown in thedocumentation (User Guide Chapter 2 Overview), with a subprojectcontaining the binary files:
        $/-          |          TESTDATA             |              -BINARIES				
Such that:
would be a subproject header. Put this line under the subproject headerin the SS.INI file for each user:
Store_Deltas = No
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the products listed at thebeginning of this article.

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