Command Line Switches for the XCOPY Command

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This article lists the command line switches for the XCOPY command inWindows 95.
The command line switches for the XCOPY command listed in this article arein addition to the switches supported by the MS-DOS version of the XCOPYcommand. To see a list of these switches, type xcopy /?at a command prompt in Windows 95.

The following switches are included in Windows NT and Windows 95:
/T - Copy directory structure only/D - Copy files that are newer than the destination files/C - Continue even on error/H - Copy hidden and system files, too/R - Overwrite read-only files/U - Copy only files that already exist on destination/N - Copy using short names				
The following switches are new for Windows 95:
/I - Copies more than one file to destination (assumes destination is a     directory)/Q - Copies files without showing filenames/F - Displays full path and destination while copying files/L - Displays files that would be copied/K - Copies attributes (as opposed to resetting read-only attributes)				
The following switches are included in MS-DOS and Windows 95:
/Y - Copy without confirming replacement of existing files/-Y - Confirm replacement of existing files/A - Copy source files that have Archive file attributes set/M - Copy source files that have Archive file attributes set, but turns     off source attributes./D:date - Copies files modified on or after the specified date/P - Prompts to confirm whether you want to create each destination file/S - Copies directories and subdirectories unless they are empty/E - Copies any subdirectories, even if they are empty/V - Verifies each file as it is written to the destination file/W - Displays a message to press a key to begin copying files				


  • The /V switch is ignored in Windows 95.
  • The /I, /Q, /F, /L, and /K switches are available only when you are running Xcopy from within Windows 95.

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