Error Message: This File Could Not Be Found <Filename>

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When you try to open a file in a 16-bit version of Microsoft Word forWindows or Microsoft Excel, you receive the following error message:
This file could not be found <Filename>.
After you click OK, you receive another similar message:
This file could not be found <Filename.ext>
These error messages occur when you try to open a file whose 8.3 filenamecontains a space. The space can be created in the filename by a 16-bitWindows-based program that uses a Windows 95 common dialog box. Thefilename is invalid because the 8.3 filename format does not allow spaces.
To correct the problem, rename the file to remove the space. To do so,follow these steps:
  1. Start Windows Explorer.
  2. Locate the file you want to rename.
  3. Use the right mouse button to click the file and then click Rename on the menu that appears.
  4. Type a new name (or the same name) for the file and then press ENTER.
If you type the same name for the file in Windows Explorer, WindowsExplorer creates a long filename with the space, and an 8.3 filename withno space. When you open the file in a 16-bit Windows-based program thereis no space in the filename. For example, if you name a file "Test Doc.doc"in Windows Explorer, the 8.3 filename that you see in 16-bit Windows-basedprograms is Testdo~1.doc.

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