TEXT(MONTH(NOW()),"mmm") Always Returns "Jan"

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When you nest the TEXT(), MONTH(), and NOW() functions as in the followingexample
Microsoft Excel will always return the result "Jan".
When you format a number using a date format (such as "mmm"), Excelinterprets the number as the serial representation of the date. The numberreturned by the MONTH() function is always between 1 and 12, representingthe months of the year.

In the following example, the current date is assumed to be February 1,1995.

On a spreadsheet, type the following formula into a cell:
If the current date is February 1, 1995, the function MONTH(NOW())correctly returns the value of 2. This is equivalent to MONTH(34731)because 2/1/95 is the 34731st day after 1/1/1900. TEXT(MONTH(NOW()),"mmm")evaluates to the same value as TEXT(2,"mmm"), because 2 is the serialrepresentation of 1/2/1900. Therefore, it returns "Jan".
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To enter the formula directly on a worksheet, type the following formulainto a cell:
The text string "Feb" is returned.

To use the formula in a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications procedure(this particular example illustrates how to display the current month as atext string in a message box), type the following Sub procedure in amodule:
   Sub Date_Format()      Test = Format(Date, "mmm")      ' Returns the current month as a text string      ' if the current date is 2/1/95, "Feb" (without the quotation marks).      MsgBox Test   End Sub				
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