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DHCP-Enabled MS-DOS Clients Do Not Resolve Host Names

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When you ping a host name from a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)enabled LAN Manager for MS-DOS version 2.2c or Network Client for MS-DOSversion 3.0 client computer, the following error message may appear:
DGN0217: Remote name cannot be resolved
NOTE: IPCONFIG returns the current configuration including the WINS server.If you ping a valid IP address, or use the NET VIEW or NET USE command, theoperation is successful.
This problem occurs if the entry for the host name does not exist in theHOSTS file. LAN Manager for MS-DOS version 2.2c client and Network Clientfor MS-DOS version 3.0 can be WINS-enabled. When you ping a host name froma DHCP-enabled client, the order of name resolution should be as follows:

  1. Local host name
  2. HOSTS file
  3. DNS
  4. Local NetBIOS cache
  5. WINS server
  6. Broadcast
However, NMTSR.EXE, which handles ping requests, is only using the HOSTSfile. It does not check the local host name. A protocol trace may revealthat nothing was sent out on the network.
To work around this problem, enter the host names, including the local hostname, in the HOSTS file.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in LAN Manager for MS-DOSversion 2.2c and Network Client version 3.0 for MS-DOS.
prodlm 2.20

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