Visual FoxPro File Extensions and File Types

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This article lists the extensions and their associated file types that areused with Visual FoxPro. This article also discusses the table structuresfor FoxPro version 2.6 and Visual FoxPro version 3.0 of the followingfiles: .dbc, .frx, .lbx, .mnx, .pjx, .scx, and .vcx files.

NOTE: This information is also available in the graphical online Help, inthe File Extensions topic.

File Extensions and File Types used by Visual FoxPro

Extension   File type----------------------------------------------.act        Documenting Wizard action        Generated application.cdx        Compound index.dbc        Database.dbf        Table.dct        Database memo.dcx        Database index.dll        Windows Dynamic Link Library.err        Compilation error.exe        Executable program.fky        Macro.fll        FoxPro Dynamic Link Library.fmt        Format File.fpt        Table memo.frt        Report memo.frx        Report.fxp        Compiled program.hlp        Graphical Help.idx        Index, compact index.krt        Used in the recreation of a .dbc file            NOTE: The .KRT extension is not listed in the online Help..lbt        Label memo.lbx        Label.lst        Documenting Wizard list.mem        Memory variable saveDoslives.mnt        Menu memo.mnx        Menu.mpr        Generated menu program.mpx        Compiled menu program.ocx        OLE control.pjt        Project memo.pjx        Project.prg        Program.qpr        Generated query program.qpx        Compiled query program.sct        Form memo.scx        Form.spr        Generated Screen Program (previous versions of FoxPro only).spx        Compiled Screen Program (previous versions of FoxPro only).tbk        Memo backup.txt        Text.vct        Visual class library memo.vcx        Visual class library.vue        FoxPro 2.x        Window file				

Table Structures of .dbc, .frx, .lbx, .mnx, .pjx, .scx, and .vcx Files

The descriptions of the table structures are stored in files located in theFILESPEC directory. The FILESPEC directory contains two projects:30spec.pjx and 26spec.pjx:

  • 30spec.pjx contains tables and reports that document Visual FoxPro version 3.0 table files.
  • 26spec.pjx contains tables and reports that document FoxPro version 2.6 table files.
To see the descriptions for any table structure, print the appropriatereport. The following two tables list the file types and their associatedreports. Some file types require more than one report because there are toomany columns to fit across a single page.

NOTE: All the reports are formatted for landscape printing.
To see this Visual FoxPro      Print3.0 table structure:           this report:    Which uses:----------------------------------------------------------Database                       30dbc.frx       30dbc.dbfDatabase Properties            30dbcpro.frxForm & Visual Class Library    30scx1.frx      30scx.dbf                               30scx2.frx                               30scx3.frxMenu                           30mnx.frx       30mnx.dbfProject                        30pjx1.frx      30pjx.dbf                               30pjx2.frxReport & Label                 30frx1.frx      30frx.dbf                               30frx2.frxTo see this FoxPro             print2.6 table structure:           this report:    which uses:----------------------------------------------------------Screen                         26scx1.frx      26scx.dbf                               26scx2.frxMenu                           26mnx.frx       26mnx.dbfProject                        26pjx1.frx      26pjx.dbf                               26pjx2.frxReport and Label               26frx1.frx      26frx.dbf                               26frx2.frx				

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Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0 Standard Edition

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