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The APPS.INF file contains information about the manner in whichMS-DOS-based programs are run. Each program listed in the [PIF95] sectioncontains its own section, with the settings for the program listed there.This article explains the abbreviated codes used in these sections.
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Name          Key    Description                               Default----------------------------------------------------------------------WINDOWED     "win"   Open windowed instead of full-screen         YBACKGROUND   "bgd"   Run in background                            YEXCLUSIVE    "exc"   Exclusive mode                            IgnoredDETECTIDLE   "dit"   Idle sensitivity                             YLOWLOCKED    "lml"   Lock conventional memory                  IgnoredEMSLOCKED    "eml"   Lock EMS memory                              NXMSLOCKED    "xml"   Lock XMS memory                              NUSEHMA       "hma"   Uses HMA                                     YEMULATEROM   "emt"   Fast ROM emulation                           YRETAINVRAM   "rvm"   Retain video memory                       IgnoredFASTPASTE    "afp"   Fast pasting                                 Y				
The following settings control which keyboard shortcuts are active whenthe MS-DOS-based program has the focus. If the key is disabled, pressingthe key sends the keystroke to the program instead of to Windows 95.
Name          Key    Description                               Default----------------------------------------------------------------------ALTTAB       "ata"   Allow ALT+TAB to switch away                 YALTESC       "aes"   Allow ALT+ESC to switch away                 YCTRLESC      "ces"   Allow CTRL+ESC to switch away                YPRTSCRN      "psc"   Allow PrtSc to perform screen snap           YALTPRTSCRN   "aps"   Allow ALT+PrtSc to perform screen snap       YALTSPACE     "asp"   Allow ALT+SPACE to view System menu          YALTENTER     "aen"   Allow ALT+ENTER to toggle box/full-screen    YWINLIE       "lie"   Prevent MS-DOS-based programs                N                     from detecting WindowsGLOBALMEM    "gmp"   Enable global memory protection              NREALMODE     "dos"   Run program in MS-DOS mode                   N				
The following settings apply only if the REALMODE flag is set. Thesesettings control which MS-DOS-based TSRs should be loaded in real mode.
Name            Key    Description                             Default----------------------------------------------------------------------MOUSE          "mse"   Mouse funtionality                         YEMS            "ems"   EMM386                                     YCDROM          "cdr"   CD-ROM driver/MSCDEX                       YNETWORK        "net"   Network drivers                            YDISKLOCK       "dsk"   Allow direct disk access                   NPRIVATECFG     "cfg"   Use custom CONFIG.SYS settings             NVESA           "vsa"   Extended video (VESA) support              YCLOSEONEXIT    "cwe"   Close on exit                              NALLOWSSAVER    "sav"   Allow screen saver to interrupt program    YUNIQUESETTINGS "uus"   Run program in separate session            N				
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