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Converting Between OLE_COLOR and COLORREF Types

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This article shows by example how to use the COleControl::TranslateColor()method can be used to convert an OLE_COLOR value into a COLORREF value byusing the cast operator.
More information
The main difference between an OLE_COLOR and a COLORREF is that if anOLE_COLOR has its high-order bit set, the low-order byte is treated as asystem color index. The function OleTranslateColor(), which is called byCOleControl::TranslateColor(), translates the system color index into aCOLORREF when this condition is detected. The following code illustratesconversion between an OLE_COLOR and a COLORREF:
     void CMyOleControl::ConversionTest()   {      OLE_COLOR ocBack = GetBackColor();      // Convert OLE_COLOR to COLORREF      COLORREF clrBack = TranslateColor(ocBack);      // Convert COLORREF to OLE_COLOR      OLE_COLOR ocConverted = (OLE_COLOR)clrBack;   }				
For a complete list of the translations performed by OleTranslateColor(),or for more information about the OLE_COLOR type, please see the "MicrosoftOLE Control Developer's Kit User's Guide and Reference," Appendix D: OLEControls Architecture, under the heading "Standard Color Type."
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