SAMPLE: TYPEBLD: How to Use ICreateTypeLib & ICreateTypeInfo

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The TYPEBLD sample demonstrates how to create an OLE Automation typelibrary using the ICreateTypeLib and ICreateTypeInfo interfaces.
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See the README.TXT file included in the sample for instructions on how tocompile and run this sample.

The type library that is created is called HELLO.TLB and corresponds to onethat would have been built by MKTYPLIB.EXE if it had compiled the following.ODL file.

Sample .ODL File

   [     uuid(2F6CA420-C641-101A-B826-00DD01103DE1),            // LIBID_Hello     helpstring("Hello 1.0 Type Library"),     lcid(0x0409),     version(1.0)   ]   library Hello   {   #ifdef WIN32       importlib("stdole32.tlb");   #else       importlib("stdole.tlb");   #endif          [         uuid(2F6CA422-C641-101A-B826-00DD01103DE1),        // IID_IHello         helpstring("Hello Interface")       ]       interface IHello : IUnknown       {           [propput] void HelloMessage([in] BSTR Message);           [propget] BSTR HelloMessage(void);           void SayHello(void);       }       [         uuid(2F6CA423-C641-101A-B826-00DD01103DE1),        // IID_DHello         helpstring("Hello Dispinterface")       ]       dispinterface DHello       {         interface IHello;       }          [          uuid(2F6CA421-C641-101A-B826-00DD01103DE1),       // CLSID_Hello          helpstring("Hello Class")       ]       coclass Hello       {           dispinterface DHello;           interface IHello;       }   }				
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Microsoft OLE 2.03, Microsoft OLE 4.0

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