Description of Percent Complete Values in Disk Defragmenter

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This article describes the meaning of the values in the Percent Completestatus bar when you are running Disk Defragmenter.
The following table describes the meaning of the values in the PercentComplete status bar:
   Value      Description   ----------------------------------------------------------------------   0%-4%      Defrag is running a special version of ScanDisk for Windows              to check for errors before doing anything with the disk.   5%-9%      Defrag is making a "road map" of the best locations for the              data on the drive which it will use when actually moving the              files.   10%-100%   Defrag is moving the data on the disk.				
On a drive compressed with DoubleSpace or DriveSpace, the followingmeanings apply:
   Value      Description   ---------------------------------------------------------------------   10%-49%    This is the first optimization pass through the compressed              file.   50%        Defrag is checking the internal compression structures of              the drive.   51%-100%   This is the second and fastest optimization pass on the              compressed file.				
If the percentage jumps from 0 to 5 percent without any drive activity,the Check Drive For Errors option is probably not enabled.

The ScanDisk activity from 0 to 4 percent occurs only when Defrag isstarted. The ScanDisk activity is not repeated if Defrag is forced torestart because of disk activity.

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Microsoft Windows 95

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