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When you are installing Windows 95, you may receive the following errormessage:
Error SU0358

Setup detected one or more MS-DOS-based programs running on your computer. Close your MS-DOS programs, and then click OK to continue. Or, click Cancel to quit Setup.
Setup cannot continue while an MS-DOS-based program is running. TheMS-DOS-based program may be running in a hidden virtual machine so thatit is not visible when you press ALT+TAB or in the Close Program dialogbox.

NOTE: Windows 95 supports running MS-DOS-based programs in hidden virtualmachines (VMs). Hidden VMs do not display program windows or show up asrunning programs. Hidden VMs are created by the developer of a program.
To work around this problem, use any one of the following methods:
  • Press ALT+TAB to cycle through the running programs and close the MS-DOS-based program.
  • Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open the Close Program dialog box and close the MS-DOS-based program.
  • Cancel Setup. Remove the MS-DOS-based program from the Startup group or from the Load= or Run= line in the WIN.INI file and then restart Windows.
The WinPrinter driver by LaserMaster is an example of an MS-DOS-basedprogram that runs in a hidden VM and is not visible when you press ALT+TABor CTRL+ALT+DEL. To disable WinPrinter, remove the WinPrinter icons fromthe Startup group, restart the computer, and then run Windows 95 Setupagain.

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