Shortcut to Deleted NetWare File May Open Wrong File

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When you use a shortcut for a file on a NetWare 3.x or 4.x server, or on aWindows 95-based computer running the File And Printer Sharing For NetWareNetworks component, if the file has been removed or renamed the shortcutmay open another similarly named file in the same folder without promptingyou. This behavior can occur with shortcuts that user either mapped drivesor UNC paths.
The shortcut facility in Windows 95 deals with missing files by searchingfor a file with similar characteristics and prompting you. One of the mostprominent characteristics is the file creation date and time. On NetWare3.x and 4.x servers, and Windows 95-based computers running the File AndPrinter Sharing For NetWare Networks component, the creation date is setwith a resolution of two seconds. This means that two files copied to theserver within a two-second span may have the same file creation date andtime. This can cause the shortcut facility's missing file detection processto misdetect the file.
The only workaround for this problem is to change the shortcut to point tothe proper file.

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Microsoft Windows 95

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