How To Print from a Class Other Than CView

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The standard method to support printing capability in an MFC application isto override the OnDraw(CDC* pDC) member function of the CView class thatprovides the pointer to the device context (pDC). If the application doesnot possess a CView class (for example, a dialog-based application), youcan use the code listed in this article to obtain a pointer to the printingdevice context to implement printing.
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In this example, CMyDialog is publicly derived from CDialog, OnPrintBuf()is a message handler that is mapped to BN_CLICKED, and SetPrintAlign() isused to select print settings specified to an application. The sample codeprints the contents of the 'pbuf' buffer.

Sample Code

   void CMyDialog::OnPrintBuf()       {       char   pbuf[100] = "Hello World.";       HDC    hdcPrn ;       // Instantiate a CPrintDialog.       CPrintDialog *printDlg =           new CPrintDialog(FALSE, PD_ALLPAGES | PD_RETURNDC, NULL);       // Initialize some of the fields in PRINTDLG structure.       printDlg->m_pd.nMinPage = printDlg->m_pd.nMaxPage = 1;       printDlg->m_pd.nFromPage = printDlg->m_pd.nToPage = 1;       // Display Windows print dialog box.       printDlg->DoModal();       // Obtain a handle to the device context.       hdcPrn = printDlg->GetPrinterDC();       if (hdcPrn != NULL)           {           CDC *pDC = new CDC;           pDC->Attach (hdcPrn);      // attach a printer DC           pDC->StartDoc("test");  // begin a new print job                                   // for Win32 use                                   // CDC::StartDoc(LPDOCINFO) override           pDC->StartPage();          // begin a new page           SetPrintAlign(pDC, hdcPrn);// set the printing alignment           pDC->TextOut(10, 10, pbuf);// write the string in pbuf           pDC->EndPage();            // end a page           pDC->EndDoc();             // end a print job           pDC->Detach();             // detach the printer DC           delete pDC;           }       delete printDlg;       }   void CMyDialog::SetPrintAlign(CDC *pDC, HDC hdcPrn)       {       short cxPage, cyPage;       cxPage = ::GetDeviceCaps (hdcPrn, HORZRES) ;       cyPage = ::GetDeviceCaps (hdcPrn, VERTRES) ;       pDC->SetMapMode (MM_ISOTROPIC) ;       pDC->SetWindowExt ( 1000, 1000) ;       pDC->SetViewportExt (cxPage / 2, -cyPage / 2) ;       pDC->SetViewportOrg (cxPage / 2,  cyPage / 2) ;       pDC->SetTextAlign (TA_BASELINE | TA_CENTER) ;       }				
For more information about the MFC printing, please see "Programming withthe Microsoft Foundation Class Library" in Books Online.
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