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List of confirmed bugs in Windows NT Version 3.5

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This article has been archived. It is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated.
The following table lists confirmed problems in Windows NT version 3.5. This is not a comprehensive list and is current as of 21-Jul-1995. For more information about each issue, query in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on the article identifier (ID). For a current list of confirmed problems in Windows NT version 3.5, query on KBBUG3.50 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Summary List for Windows NT Version 3.5

     Article ID      Article Title
110523: No Text in Colored Boxes using HP1200C Under Windows NT
110882: GP Fault in WINLOGON.EXE
110932: Mail Fails with Memory or Network Errors
110947: Diamond Viper VLB Video Adapter Driver Fails To Load
111026: Backup Creates Many REGXXXX Files, Can't Copy .EVT Files
111027: File Write to Network Share Using MS-DOS 21h Function Fails
111420: MIPS Four-Processor Computer Halts for Long Time
111450: Two Token Ring Adapters Forces Source Routing on Both Adapters
112637: STOP Message on MIPS Computer Caused by NET Command
112874: Fonts Look Different When Printed and on Screen
113916: Copy from One Novell Server to Another Fails
114091: Telnet Using UNIX Vi Editor May Scroll Improperly
114304: ACLs Not Translated When User Names Have Extended Characters
114577: Watermark Software HP 1300T Removable Disk Stuck or Corrupted
114892: Err Msg: "Out of Memory" Browsing Network Files as Administrator
115431: Turkish Characters in Directory Name Hangs Windows NT
115602: Cannot Input Unicode Characters >256 into Dialog Edit Field
116341: Characters Change When Pasted into 16-bit Applications
118399: UNC-Format Path Affects the DIR Command
118569: Domain Guests Group Not Created On Upgrade
118692: Printing Output Is Always Directed to the Upper Output Tray
118753: Remote Administration of DLC Network Printer is Not Available
118766: Users Who Belong to More Than 95 Groups Cannot Log On
119065: Stop Msg: 0001:9A03 When 16-bit App Calls TASKFINDHANDLE
119277: Err Msg: "Access denied" Running MS-Mail SMTP Gateway in VDM
119491: File Manager Displays Deleted Partitions
119568: Kyocera FS-3500A PCL Driver Will Not Print from Lower Paper Tray
119574: WinNT 3.1 to 3.5 Upgrade Does Not Copy OEM SCSI Drivers to Disk
119866: Microcom 4232 Modem Connects at 9600 Baud Only
119870: Redirector Uses Core Mode on Large File Transfers
120219: Gateway2000 w/ Mitsumi CD-ROM Hangs on Re-Boot During Install
120420: Unable to Print Multiple Quattro Pro Spreadsheets
120421: Quattro Pro causes GPF Printing to Unavailable Printer
120422: Turbo Pascal has Transparent Installation Screen Backgrounds
120423: CA-SuperProject for MS-DOS Tutorial Generates "Ghost" Pointers
120424: "Ghost" Mouse Pointers on Quattro Pro for MS-DOS Spreadsheets
120425: Err Msg: "Unable to Find Windows" Installing C/C++ 7.0a SDK
120426: GPF When PowerBuilder Watcom Engine Is Run in Separate VDM
120427: Quattro Pro Prints No Edges or Borders on Postscript Printers
120428: PowerBuilder Preferences Dialog Box Has No Text
120429: Brushes Do Not Display Correctly in Photoshop 2.5
120430: CA-SuperProject For Windows Crashes When Printing
120431: Photoshop 2.5 Causes a GPF When Opening an EPS
120432: No Menu Cursor in Lotus for MS-DOS version 2.4 and 3.4
120433: Photoshop Screen Does Not Fully Redraw After Printing
120435: Photoshop 2.5.1 "Unable to Parse PostScript" Opening an EPS
120436: Installing Non-Native Printer Drivers on a Print Server Fails
120439: Cannot Insert Excel OLE Object into Packrat on RISC Computer
120493: NWLink with Ethernet_II Frame Type Corrupt Packets
120693: Dual Processor MIPS Computer with Proteon NIC Hangs At Startup
120738: "Routine Not Found" Message Box While Viewing Help File
120744: Pro-Audio Spectrum SCSI on DELL Omniplex -> STOP Message
120745: DELL Omniplex: SONY CD-ROM Fails to Initialize
120746: Default Disk Letters Incorrectly Listed During Installation
120748: Math Rabbit Fails with a General Protection Fault in Windows NT
120753: WINS Manager Disappears or Closes Suddenly
120754: WINS Managers Fails to Delete All Selected Static Mappings
120755: WINS Manager Sorts Database and Static Mappings Incorrectly
120758: DHCP Manager System Errors
120760: CA-ABSTRACT Outlines Don't Print to Remote Printers
120942: Command Line Does Not Update Print Manager
121161: Access Denied Using User Manager for Domains in Server Tools
121228: Postscript Print Driver Does Not Give Valid Ranges for Scaling
121233: Printer Form May Not Print to Correct Paper Path
121288: SETUP Truncates the 40th-46th Character in Company Name
121405: Cardfile Font Setting Is Not Saved
121518: Confusing Definition in User Manager for Domains Help
121531: Windows NT Separator Pages May Print an Incorrect Date
121562: Applications Started with AT Are Not Interactive
121619: ARP Cache Commands May Not Work Correctly
121704: Unable to Close the Migration Tool for Netware
121725: Alert for "<" Condition Fails to Run Batch File
121726: STOP Message Caused by NTFS with Long Filenames
121822: Deadlocks When Using Asynchronous Named Pipes
121914: WINNT Setup Fails Due to LASTDRIVE=F in CONFIG.SYS
121921: Backup Reports Incorrect Time in Foreign Countries
122043: Err Msg: Access Denied Connecting to NetWare Resource
122186: Err Msg: Could Not Find Setup File F:\<Platform>\PRINTER.INF
122248: Event Id 2000 Errors In System Log
122310: Server Viewer Unable to Open Queue on Same Server
122329: You receive a "System error 59 has occurred" message in Windows NT 3.5
122367: Resizing Telnet Window with Full Drag Enabled Is Jerky
122368: "Insufficient Memory" Messages Appear When You Use Word 6
122384: Can't Pause Shared Printer Between Windows NT 3.1 and 3.5
122385: You receive a "Mail could not read the entire message from the post office" message in Windows NT 3.5
122390: RCONSOLE Not Listing NetWare File Servers
122551: Files Copied by PC-Based Clients Not Viewable by Mac Clients
122566: Default Printer Changed to Bootup Value if Spooler Restarted
122568: STOP 7B When You Upgrade From Server on COMPAQ DESKPRO
122645: Copy Request on Clients Fail with GSNW in Windows NT Server
122701: RAS Clients Select the Beginning Address in Static Pool
122781: LMHOSTS #INCLUDE of Local Files May Fail on Windows NT 3.5
122793: You receive the "OS Loader V3.5 Windows NT Could Not Start" error message
122795: BNC Problems with 3C507 and 3C509 NICs
122838: Memory Leak in LMREPL Service
122891: Nonexistent or Corrupted Values in WINMSD
122894: Help Button Not Functional in Network Section of Control Panel
122898: DEC Pathworks Problems with 3COM Network Adapters
122903: Error Message with Compaq Smart SCSI
122919: Some Applications Unable to Print to or View Some Printers
122938: Telnet is Not a Valid Option in Windows NT 3.5 Terminal
122961: Print Job Stalls Printing to NEC NPDL2
122986: Justified Words Printed with PostScript Driver Contain Spaces
123052: Notepad Does Not Print Tabs Properly
123062: Windows NT 3.5 Fails to Unlock a Record Area After Locking It
123063: Account Lockout Alert Does Not Function
123083: Client Hangs Accessing Remote Downlevel LAN Manager Server
123155: Err Msg: The Remote Computer is Not Available
123156: Server Spools Jobs Endlessly if AppleTalk Print Device Removed
123159: Windows NT 3.5 Computer with Intel Neptune PCI Chip Hangs
123166: Time and Date Stamp of Word 6.0 Document Updated
123182: Setup Accepts Invalid Computer Name that Begins with Braces
123215: Backup Incorrectly Sets Archive Bit on WFWG 3.11 Files
123216: Keyboard Interface Not Available for MS-DOS Based Applications
123219: ARP command Does Not Work with RAS Installed
123255: WFW 3.11 Fails to Connect to SNA Server on Windows NT 3.5
123275: Extra Keys on Brazilian Keyboard Do Not Work at Command Prompt

123286: WINNT /D Does Not Delete System Files
123338: SFM Performance Degrades Due to Memory Problem
123393: Type 1 Font (ZapfDingbats) Displays Different Font in Write
123428: RASPHONE.HLP Err Msg: Help Is Not Available for this Request
123447: Err Msg: STOP Message in DLC.SYS
123478: Multiple ISDN Adapters Cannot Be Installed
123498: NumLock Key State Not Saved When Logging Off
123500: Administrators Permissions for a Printer Change to Read
123607: Graphics and True Type Fonts Print Garbage on Okidata ML320
123669: Err Msg: Cannot Load Extension FTPSMX.DLL
123678: Changing Registry Does Not Prevent User from Changing Delay
123716: CACLS.EXE Err Msg: No More Internal IDs Available
123717: Windows NT Backup Writes Incorrect Times To Log
123738: STOP 0x0000001e Err Msg with NetBEUI Client/Server Applications
123740: Unexpected Error Accessing MS Mail Postoffice Through GSNW
123741: Cannot Run RAS Programs When a Service References RASAPI32.DLL
123744: Secure Erase on Exabyte 2501 Err Msg: The Computer Has Rebooted
123764: Display Unreadable with an IBM 8514/A Video Adapter
123766: Doc Err: WINS and LAN Manager 2.x Clients
123771: SMS Site Configuration Manager Fails to Add Domain/Server
123789: Can't Restrict User from Changing Password
123820: You receive a "The INF OEMNAD0 is missing the referenced file description section" message when you try to install the Intel TokenExpress ISA or EISA network adaptors in Windows NT 3.5
123862: Opening a File Causes the Application to Close
123942: Invalid User Names Causes Memory Leak
123957: Error Updating PowerPoint 4.0 File Using CSNW/GSNW
123964: Server Service Hangs When Using GSNW
123965: Can't Get Zone Information with Compaq Netflex II TR NIC
123976: Sequential File Reads of 4K Instead of 64K Blocks
123979: 3C770 FDDI (FLNK.SYS) Problems Under Windows NT 3.5
123980: PPP Message: RAS Has Connected Using an Earlier RAS Protocol
123986: DHCP Server Excludes Address Clusters Within a Valid Scope
123995: Mitsumi Driver Does Not Support Sound Blaster 16 Multi-CD-ROM
124021: CD-ROM File System Does Not De-allocate Non-paged Pool Memory
124067: STOP Message 0x0000000A in AFD.SYS when Opening Sockets
124084: FTP OnNet 1.1 PPP Client Hangs Windows NT 3.5 RAS Service
124098: Browse List Incomplete When Using RAS
124121: Memory Loss During Application Process Creation
124122: File Manager: Association Fails if Path to Command Has Spaces
124123: File Open (16-Bit) Displays File List Very Slowly
124142: Registry Editor Hangs When You Select a Key
124154: Bad Logins From Workstation on Domain Not in Event Viewer
124157: Cannot Build VC++ Projects (.PDB & .PCH Files) on Netware Server
124159: Subsequent Backups Run Slower Than the First
124171: NETADMIN Causes GP Faults When Accessing File Permissions
124172: Err Msg Adding OLE Objects: Error in OLE Operation
124173: ACLCONV Not Updating Permissions for Mapped Users and Groups
124242: Forced Disconnect for Macintosh Users Not Working
124244: Using Quotes with DEL may Delete Wrong Directory Files
124284: STOP 0x00000026 when Accessing a CD Using an Indirect Path
124294: Windows NT Help Err Msg: Cannot Open Help File
124299: SFM Does Not Detect Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter
124329: You receive a "The primary domain controller could not be found" error message in Windows NT 3.5
124360: Non Critical Error with IR32_32.DLL and Mitsumi IDE CD-ROM
124374: Windows NT 3.1 Computer Cannot Log On to Windows NT 3.5 Domain
124375: SFM: File Permissions Problem When Volume is Shared at Root
124397: HP 4V and 4MV Drivers Don't Install Off Floppy Disk
124399: Beyond Mail Clients Unable to Log On to NetWare Post Office
124427: Hcopy Does Not Preserve Hidden Attributes on Files
124431: SNMP Traps (STOP Messages) Sent to Wrong Port
124484: Error 33: DOSRead and DOSWrite APIs from OS/2 Application
124542: Service Logged On w/ User Account Able to Interact with Desktop
124549: Unable to Disable Print Event Logging in Windows NT 3.5
124550: Incorrect Default Directory on Startup
124562: CPU Utilization on a NCR3450
124564: MIDL Compiler Wraps the Operation Number After 255
124599: Trumpet PPP Client Can Hang RAS
124619: Error Changing User Password Using Postoffice Manager
124648: DC21040 Causes Windows NT 3.5 to Stop Responding (Hang)
124658: DCA IRMA Token Ring Adapter is not Detected
124733: Custom Forms Not Available for Selection in Epson LQ-850
124742: Unable to Start 16-bit Applications in Separate Memory Space
124743: Cannot Manually Define Baud Rate for COM Ports
124744: Command Prompt Err Msg: All Pipe Instances Are Busy
124747: You receive "The item <filename> is missing and was probably deleted" error message in Windows NT Server 3.5
124796: DHCP Client Does Not Support Domain Name Option
124797: ARP Static Cache Entries Switch to Dynamic
124798: Ethernet_802.3 Does Not Work with ODI/NDIS Support Driver
124803: QIC Tape with Multiple Backups Sets, Only First Set Displayed
124816: Very Large or Very Small Transfers to SCSI Printers Fail
124853: STOP Message with SFMATALK.SYS
124872: Err Msg: Setup Requires a Local Hard Disk That is Visible
124874: STOP Message 0x0A Running Performance Monitor on NEC 3360
124909: Problems Accessing Drive Formatted with Ontrack Disk Manager
124912: Slow Processing with Windows NT PDC and LAN Manager BDC
124916: Some Client Applications Fail When Writing to Windows NT
124936: Application in VDM May Receive Overrun Error
124940: STOP 0x0000000A when Accessing NetWare Server
124957: ATAPI Driver Fails to Load For Sony CDU-55E CD-ROM
124958: NTFS Integrity Problems with Large Stripe Sets
124963: TCP/IP Fails with SMC Ultra Elite 32 EISA Adapter
125173: Calling a 32-bit Application From WOW Causes Memory Leak
125258: Pending Local Print Jobs May Disappear After Reboot of Server
125318: Default Data Type RAW (FF Auto) Does Not Work Properly
125321: Delayed Screen Repaint After Modifying Color Characteristics
125385: File Size and Date Reported Incorrectly On NTFS Drive
125390: Telnet GP Faults when Accessing InterLock Server
125451: Paintbrush Appears Without a Drawing Area
125485: View Drop Down Menu in File Manager Has Non-Applicable Choices
125499: SWITCH.INF Is Overwritten When You Upgrade to Windows NT 3.5
125500: Program Item Changes for Programs in Directory with Spaces
125573: Event Viewer Does Not Report System Log Errors Correctly
125574: Excessive Server Manager File Lock Counts
125600: Dr. Watson Application Error After Converting FAT to NTFS
125618: Problem with Display Warning when Using Non-US Language
125646: Computer with Intel Neptune PCI Chip Hangs on Warm Reboot
125666: Noncritical Error Opening RPLSVC.MDB for Remoteboot Service
125667: Security Options in File Manager for FAT or HPFS Available
125743: Dr. Watson Log Displays Incorrect Version of Windows NT
125744: Cancel Button Does Not Cancel in Telnet
125759: Windows NT3.5 Improves Performance with Intel Neptune PCI Chip
125801: Disabling Execute Permission Causes Irrelevant Error Messages
125857: NET Command Does Not Return Errorlevel
125859: SystemDrive Environment Variable Disappears
125860: Incorrect Range for RegistrySizeLimit in Resource Kit
125875: SHARE Functionality Different in Windows NT and WfW
125877: WinWord 16 Cannot Open File When Path Contains Special Chars
125879: WINS Static Mappings and Remote Access Services
125903: File Size Displayed Incorrectly After Copying to an NTFS Share
125904: Client Data is Corrupted When Written to an NTFS Server
125929: Windows NT Setup Displayed Twice in Task List
125930: Paintbrush Image and Scroll Bar Disappears
125932: Windows NT Help Shows Incorrect Permission Switch for CACLS
125955: Paste Link Fails to Create Network DDE Link in Excel
125965: MSVC++ 1.1 Err Msg Under Windows NT: All Pipe Instances Busy
125977: Installing Windows NT Server As a BDC Fails
125997: Err Msg Closing File on LM Server: Parameter is Incorrect
126020: You receive an "INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE" error message after you install Windows NT 3.5
126032: Badly-behaved 16-bit Application Prevents System Shutdown
126053: NTDETECT.COM and INSTALLD.CMD Do Not Exist in Resource Kit
126096: Guest Account Deletes System Fonts
126126: Windows NT Setup Fails when SCSI Controller is Not Detected
126127: Network Bindings Not Displayed Correctly for a Protocol
126128: Message Popup Changes Color When Using OpenGL Screen Saver
126132: WINS: Push Notification Sent on Every Registration
126142: You receive a "The network path you entered could not be found" error message in Windows NT
126227: Applications Hang When Printing to File with Comma
126277: 16-Bit Process Creation Can Result in Memory Loss
126297: WinNT 3.5 RAS Server Doesn't Call Back Non-3.5 Clients Over ISDN
126310: Error Attempting to Paste Into ClipBook Viewer
126352: File Manager Reports Size of NetWare Volume Incorrectly
126354: Video Performance and Display Problems with Matrox MGA Driver
126384: You receive a "User configuration for parameter Serial1 must have PortAddress" error message in Windows NT 3.5
126390: Macintosh Print to Non-PostScript Printer Has Extraneous Lines
126401: You receive a "Not enough server storage is available to process this command" error message in Windows NT
126420: RAS Client with TCP/IP Cannot Browse the Network
126429: Equinox Serial Driver Causes the Win16 Subsystem to Fail
126451: SNA Server: Windows NT Client Loses Session To Server
126462: Windows NT Setup Err Msg on NEC Express/II: STOP 0x0000000E
126463: Remote Command Service Does Not Install Correctly
126464: Repair Disk Utility Does Not Update SAM and Security Hives
126560: Can not Create NetBIOS Session Over TCP/IP
126561: Printing To An LPR Printer May Be Slow
126579: Files Active After Termination of Recursive Batch File
126584: Windows NT PCL Driver Cannot Print Grayscaled Fonts
126652: FDDI MAC Address Issue with Windows NT 3.5
126702: Registry Editor "Save Subtree As" Does Not Complete
126711: Quick Formatting Write-Protected Floppy Disks Allowed
126712: Network Connections Valid Briefly with 3C507 NIC
126714: You receive a "SERVERNT.BMP is not a valid bitmap texture for this screen saver" error message in Windows NT Server 3.5
126724: NPMCA.SYS Causes STOP 0x0A in TCPIP.SYS
126752: DCs Fail to Synchronize or Validate Users Over NWLINK
126851: Error Changing To Directory with Spaces Using /D Switch
126852: Pasting in Write Closes All 16-bit Applications
126972: Control Panel "Don't Load" Feature Does Not Work
126973: NWCONV LOGFILE.LOG Error: Users Didn't Get Moved
126974: STOP 0x24 Generated With NTFS
126975: MEMORY.DMP File Not Created on Compaq DeskPro XL 566
126977: Audit Policy Not Replicating Correctly to BDC
126978: IBM Token Ring /A Adapter Fails To Start in Windows NT 3.5
127027: Windows NT Printing Err Msg: The Requested Resource Is In Use
127053: Two Keyboard Components Appear in Control Panel
127054: Loopback Functionality Does Not Work with Miniport Drivers
127159: Attempt to Connect to Telnet Times Out
127160: Err Msg: System Service Database Locked
127180: XCOPY /? Shows Incorrect Date Format
127186: OLE is Very Slow: Word for Windows NT and Excel for Windows NT
127789: LAN Manager Clients Cannot See Windows NT Computers
127814: Printing to WinNT Queue Attached to NetWare Queue Hangs NetWare
127815: NWLink IPX Frame Corruption in Token Ring Network
127818: Clients Fail to Connect to Windows NT Server
127823: Printed Schedule+ Daily View Has Errant Text in Notes Box
127825: Event Viewer Filter Events On Time Values Change
127827: Increasing DefaultTTL in Registry Has No Effect
127828: Cannot Connect to Share With Single User Access
127866: Cannot Change System Time In Access Using Time Statement
127908: Granularity Value Changes After Installing Service Pack 2
127909: Seed Routing Not Working With C.O.P.S. LocalTalk NIC
127911: Err Msg: Cannot Create This File When This File Already Exists
127922: Setting BDC to be WINS Proxy Agent May Cause Broadcast Storms
127931: Macintosh System 7.5 File Find Returns Error -5000
127943: Mac Client Can't Logon Because Password Has Expired
127947: Application Error with Logging Enabled in FTP Server Service
127955: NT LPD Fails to Remove Double Digit Job Numbers via LPRM
128180: Upgrade Does Not Install Network Client Administrator
128254: Stop Msg: C0000218 "Unknown Hard Error" When Registry is Overrun
128415: NT to LAN Manager UAS Replication Problem after using PORTUAS
128447: Enumeration of Large NTFS Directory Takes a Long Time
128448: You receive a "The user connected to port <port> has been disconnected" event message in Windows NT 3.5
128565: LMHOSTS File Generates STOP 0x00000050
128567: Landscape Orientation Reversed With Postscript Driver
128647: Cannot Ping Across Router After Connecting as RAS Client
128724: Unable to stop more than 13 services
128746: Removing SNMP leaves SNMP Counters in Performance Monitor
128783: RAS Clients Unable to Connect to NetWare Servers
128802: VGA Cards Not Operational on Secondary PCI Slots
128818: Windows NT 3.5 Fails to Upgrade AST Manhatten with MYLEX DAC
128928: Unable to Browse PDC with 3COM 3C770 FDDI NIC Using TCP/IP
128930: Err Msg: NTVDM.EXE Has Encountered a System Error
128935: LPQ Running Recursively May Hang Windows NT LPD Server
128936: Dell Omniplex Hard Disk Activity Light Remains On
128940: Cannot Install DC21X4.SYS Driver Included in Service Pack 2
128977: RASPHONE Hangs After Making PPP Connection To Server
129008: Windows NT Displays a Stall or Panic Error When Printing
129043: Repair Fails When Mirrored Drive is Two Gigabytes or Larger
129045: Date and Time Stamp of Files Change When Copied to Netware
129046: NCR 3455 with 53C700 SCSI Adapter Not Compatible with NT 3.5
129054: Periods Not Displayed in CD-ROM Disc Volume Label
129111: PCI Adapter Incorrectly Identified on Dual-bus Computers
129113: WINS Server Event 4206 Log Entries May Not be Valid
129117: Unable to Print Landscape with PostScript After Installing SP2
129119: Unable to Set Typematic Rate on AT&T Globalyst
129121: Compaq ProsigniaVS May Fail to Obtain SFM Routing Information
129129: Windows NT SNMP Agent Allows Only Read Access
129217: NWCONV Does Not Use Mappings In Specified File
129284: Setup Manager Does Not Install BDC Correctly
129481: Tab Not Saved in Windows NT Cardfile
129482: Systems Management Server Inventory Via RAS Causes STOP Screen
129485: Piping Text Files Using RSH Fails
129548: Cannot Open Attachment With Spaces In File Name In MSMAIL32
129600: Large Zeroing Operations Cause Systems To Appear Hung
129601: Connection Fails on SNA Server with Two Token Ring NICs
129670: GSNW Not Releasing Session to NetWare Server
129695: FTP Fails with File Names Larger than 72 Characters
129724: Macintosh Client Has Slow Access to Windows NT 3.5x SFM Volume
129730: Event Viewer Displays DHCP Events 1010, 1016, and 1014
129776: How to Browse an IBM LAN Server Domain from Windows NT
129823: Windows NT Server 3.5 Cannot Browse A LAN Manager Domain
129832: Type 20 Response Packet Causes NetWare 3.12 Server to Fail
129834: Unable to Extend the Start Address of a DHCP Scope
129849: NET Commands Don't Have Hex 0D at the End of Lines
129912: IBM Thinkpad 720C Large Capacity Hard Disk Support
129983: Compression Statistics Not Displayed in RAS Admin With SP2
129985: Type 1 Font Converter Does Not Convert Some Fonts
130003: Windows NT Redirector Does Not Handle Invalid TID Properly
130069: SERVICES.EXE Fails With Access Violation and Returns RPC Busy..
130116: Event Log Write Problem Causes SERVICES.EXE Failure
130117: Running PKZIP Hangs WFW or Windows NT MS-DOS Command Prompt
130119: DHCP Requests Not Returned by TokenRing Routers
130120: Event Error 2000 Logged Repeatedly Due to Illegal Command
130207: Changes Made in Control Panel System for BOOT.INI Are Ignored
130220: DHCP Client Renew Fails after Deleting Active Lease
130226: Banner Always Printed When Using GSNW Print Gateway
130273: NetBT Domain 0x1C Name Fails to Add All #DOM IP Addresses
130281: RAS Does Not Autodetect Hayes Ultra 14.4 Modem
130291: Mac 3270 Err Msg After Installing Windows NT Service Pack 2
130374: Incorrect System BIOS Information in Windows NT Diag. Report
130376: Installing Windows NT On a Caching SCSI Controller
130401: WAN Browsing May Fail After Promoting New PDC
130418: Write Caching on Boot Floppy Drive Causes WINNT.EXE to Fail
130419: Service for Macintosh Print Monitor Does Not Recognize Printers
130421: Windows NT 3.5 SNMP Agent Responds to Incorrect Communities
130480: GSNW Share Names Displayed as DELETED with RAS Server Running
130482: Compaq DeskPro XL 566 Not Automatically Rebooting Upon Failure
130487: Event 560 When Opening a Read-Only File for Read Access
130660: STOP 0x1E in SFMSRV.SYS When Using Services for Macintosh
130661: Windows NT 3.5: STOP 0x0000000a in NETBT.SYS When Memory is Low
130694: NTFS Performance with Numerous Long Filenames
130723: Multiple NwRdr Network Errors (8005) Recorded In Event Viewer
130730: Windows NT 3.5 with SP2: Service Fails To Start
130736: User Removed from Account Operators Can Still Edit Accounts
130737: Missing Characters Printing From Access 2.0 in Windows NT
130795: Unable to Open Compressed Files & Directories in Window NT 3.5
130803: Windows NT 3.5 Hangs If Command Window Cursors are 80x80 Pixels
130839: NTFS Performance Problem with Many Files
130871: Lucida Math Type 1 Fonts Do Not Print Correctly
130876: Printing Through HPMON Causes Print Subsystem to Hang
130901: Frame Corruption in Retransmitted IPX Packet
130904: 32-bit DLL Call From MSMAIL32 to MAPILogon Fails
130911: 16-bit Applications Hang Using Sony CDU 3x CD-ROM
130932: Desktop Remains Active At Logoff
130961: TCP/IP Upgrade from Windows NT 3.1 Requires User Interaction
131074: Printing Over LocalTalk Bridge Produces IOError
131131: Winlogon Memory Leak Caused by SNMP Components
131157: You receive a "Could not create printer: Printer driver is unknown" error message when you try to install the Apple LaserWriter Pro printer
131229: Scheduler Doesn't Update its Environment Variable
131307: Unable to Find File Name with Extended-ASCII Characters in NTFS
131363: Changing Display Drivers Fails with Show Compatible Devices
131389: Net Session Command Does Not Interpret Redirected Input
131402: Windows NT Server Appears to Hang (NETBT.SYS is Looping)
131428: DHCPADMN Reports Error 14 After You Select Local Machine
131470: PRINT.EXE Command Fails on Eleventh Try From Batch File
131479: Unable to Change Printer Settings From Windows Applications
131482: Netstat Does Not Display Listening TCP Ports
131579: Using Lotus Organizer Cost/Customer Codes Under Windows NT
131616: Windows NT Backup Restore Err Msg: Unable to Create File Links
131667: Problems Clearing and Adding To Routing Tables Using ROUTE.EXE
131689: Postscript Jobs Do Not Print Correctly Over SFM and AppleTalk
131712: STOP Msg: 0x0000007B or SCSI Devices Missing on Proliant 1500
131717: Network Address Requires Trailing Zeros in NETWORKS File
131739: Windows NT 3.5: NetBT Event ID 4320
131769: Adding A Second Adaptec 154x SCSI Adapter Fails in Windows NT
131778: System-wide Pool Paged Bytes Allocated By Files Are Not Released
131841: Glyph Problems With Automatic Type 1 To TrueType Font Converte
131865: SMC Elite Ultra NIC Causes UNIX Computers to Disconnect TCP/IP
131982: Job Prints While Spooling Option Ineffective With LPR
131983: Server Halts On Invalid LPR Transaction
132085: Applications Hang When Opening Files when CSNW is Installed
132108: NE3200 not reset properly on warm boot
132111: Digiboard Drops DTR After Disconnect
132149: Logon Scripts Run From Wrong Server
132155: Sybase SQLServer Services Fail to Start
132363: Paste Results in a Black Box After You Save the Clipboard Image
132394: Streaming Mode NPMCA.SYS NIC Sleeps on Transmit.
132445: File Manager Hangs on Computer Using Mitsumi CD-ROM Driver
132459: TEXT "Datatype" Does Not Interpret Form-Feed Correctly
132469: Windows NT 3.51 Setup Hangs on a Computer With Three IDE Drives
132523: SAP Agent and NWLNKRIP Services Fail to Start
132554: Micro Channel Digiboard PC/XEM Fails Under Windows NT
132555: TYPE Command Displays Garbage After Displaying File Contents
132709: Sybase SQLServer May Fail With NWLink and Window NT 3.5 SP2
132722: Server Instability After Reboot Caused by NDIS Driver Problem
132738: You receive "Drive cannot find the sector requested" message after you format an IBM Optical Disk in Windows NT 3.5
132896: FTP Client Scripts Terminate Without Completing
132903: Err Msg Using NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NETBT.SYS): STOP 0x0000000A
132950: Event ID 3216 and 3208 Logged For Replicator Service
133031: Event ID 4280 Appears for WINS Bound to One NIC
133109: Workgroup Mail Stops Responding If Schedule Plus Runs Minimized
133114: No Files Found Accessing NetWare Shares from WFW Through GSNW
133149: Cannot Use Manual Feed with Schedule Plus Junior / Pocket Forms
133151: Unable to Stop Success Logon Audits on Backup Domain Controller
133473: NWCONV.EXE Hangs Converting a Non-Default Group w/ > 30 Members
134255: Cannot Select A Logon Hour in User Manager for Domains
134324: File Manager Displays Day And Minutes As "d" and "mm"
134346: Remoteboot Workstation Cannot Reconnect After Net 808 Errors
134390: Windows NT Backup: Cannot Eject Write Protected Tape
134404: NETSTAT.EXE Does Not Show TCP Listen Sockets
134427: Dr. Watson Access Violation Occurs Sending Mail Attachments
134764: Windows for Workgroups DHCP TCP/IP-32 Client Fails to Start
134796: App Hangs Printing Directly to Port without Printer Connected
134801: Help Not Available for WINS Manager Import Static Mappings

Article ID: 133320 - Last Review: 12/04/2015 11:44:21 - Revision: 8.4

Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.5, Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.5

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