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List of Fixed Bugs in Windows NT Version 3.51

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The following table lists fixed problems in Windows NT version 3.51. Thisis not a comprehensive list and is current as of 21-Jul-1995. For moreinformation about each issue, query in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on thearticle identifier (ID). For a current list of problems fixed in Windows NTversion 3.51, query on KBFIX3.51 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
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Summary List for Windows NT Version 3.51

     Article ID      Article Title
110495: Self-Extracting Files on NTFS Don't Work from Command Prompt
110882: GP Fault in WINLOGON.EXE
110889: Can't Choose Second Operating System on Olivetti M6 Computer
110932: Mail Fails with Memory or Network Errors
110947: Diamond Viper VLB Video Adapter Driver Fails To Load
111026: Backup Creates Many REGXXXX Files, Can't Copy .EVT Files
111027: File Write to Network Share Using MS-DOS 21h Function Fails
111325: Can't Choose Paper Tray with Postscript Printer Driver
111420: MIPS Four-Processor Computer Halts for Long Time
111429: SET Batch File Command Resets Error Levels
111450: Two Token Ring Adapters Forces Source Routing on Both Adapters
111708: Registry Subtree Not Saved to Disk
111736: Printing Postscript from Project, Task Bars Shaded or Darkened
111833: ALT+7 Produces ASCII Character 149 Instead of a Beep
112218: Scheduled NTBackup Must Be Configured Using System Account
112637: STOP Message on MIPS Computer Caused by NET Command
112811: Print Notification Message has Incorrect Time and Date
112874: Fonts Look Different When Printed and on Screen
113225: NE2000 Failure on Windows NT/NTAS
113598: Application Execution Error After Changing Country to Turkey
113709: NTBACKUP Doesn't Create Set Description from Command Line
113710: Err Msg: "Access Denied" on Backup or Update of RAS Temp File
113866: Long Filenames Appear Incorrect in File Manager
113916: Copy from One Novell Server to Another Fails
114090: Can't Use Setup Disks with Dell DDA/DSA Controller
114109: Mail Spell Checker Defaults to Windows NT Subdirectory
114304: ACLs Not Translated When User Names Have Extended Characters
114577: Watermark Software HP 1300T Removable Disk Stuck or Corrupted
114892: Err Msg: "Out of Memory" Browsing Network Files as Administrator
115101: IP Counter Disappears from Performance Monitor
115431: Turkish Characters in Directory Name Hangs Windows NT
115602: Cannot Input Unicode Characters >256 into Dialog Edit Field
116341: Characters Change When Pasted into 16-bit Applications
116404: STOP Message: 0xC000021A or Other Problems with Long PATH
116405: STOP Message: 0xC000021A During Logon Because of Bad PATH
117268: File Manager Shows Wrong File Size for Files Larger than 4 GB
117317: Client Shutdown Causes Ghosted TCP/IP Connection
117359: SFM: Copying Files Between Volumes Freezes Other Mac Clients
117397: Incorrect File Size Displayed Using FTP Service
117531: SFM w/ Olicom Token Ring 16/4 and Intel TokenExpress 16/4
118585: Mixed TrueType Text and Graphics Print Incorrectly
118771: Word for Windows in Office 4.2 May Not Display Correctly
119277: Err Msg: "Access denied" Running MS-Mail SMTP Gateway in VDM
119568: Kyocera FS-3500A PCL Driver Will Not Print from Lower Paper Tray
119574: WinNT 3.1 to 3.5 Upgrade Does Not Copy OEM SCSI Drivers to Disk
119945: Characters Overlapped Printing to Epson EPL-6000
120018: Err Msg: Volume Corrupt when NTFS Volume Exceeds 1 Million
120693: Dual Processor MIPS Computer with Proteon NIC Hangs At Startup
120770: STOP: 0x0000000A When CadexNet on LM Clients Stress SRV.SYS
121071: No Ports in Print Manager with Services for NetWare Installed
121645: STOP 0x0000001E in SRV.SYS
121725: Alert for "<" Condition Fails to Run Batch File
121726: STOP Message Caused by NTFS with Long Filenames
121822: Deadlocks When Using Asynchronous Named Pipes
122043: Err Msg: Access Denied Connecting to NetWare Resource
122182: CALC.EXE Display Error in Floating Point Number Calculation
122224: Format Limits Stripe Sets to 4 GB
122248: Event Id 2000 Errors In System Log
122323: WinNT 3.5 Software Update for the Pentium Floating Point Error
122329: Err Msg: System Error 59 Has Occurred, an Unexpected...
122368: "Insufficient Memory" Messages Appear When You Use Word 6
122385: Err Msg: Mail Could Not Read the Entire Message...
122445: Unexpected Network Error When Changing WfWG Password
122781: LMHOSTS #INCLUDE of Local Files May Fail on Windows NT 3.5
122793: Err Msg: OS Loader V3.5 Windows NT Could Not Start...
122838: Memory Leak in LMREPL Service
122903: Error Message with Compaq Smart SCSI
122961: Print Job Stalls Printing to NEC NPDL2
122986: Justified Words Printed with PostScript Driver Contain Spaces
123058: Closing Timed-Out Applications Without Choosing End Task
123062: Windows NT 3.5 Fails to Unlock a Record Area After Locking It
123083: Client Hangs Accessing Remote Downlevel LAN Manager Server
123155: Err Msg: The Remote Computer is Not Available
123159: Windows NT 3.5 Computer with Intel Neptune PCI Chip Hangs
123166: Time and Date Stamp of Word 6.0 Document Updated
123215: Backup Incorrectly Sets Archive Bit on WFWG 3.11 Files
123275: Extra Keys on Brazilian Keyboard Do Not Work at Command Prompt
123338: SFM Performance Degrades Due to Memory Problem
123447: Err Msg: STOP Message in DLC.SYS
123478: Multiple ISDN Adapters Cannot Be Installed
123500: Administrators Permissions for a Printer Change to Read
123607: Graphics and True Type Fonts Print Garbage on Okidata ML320
123678: Changing Registry Does Not Prevent User from Changing Delay
123716: CACLS.EXE Err Msg: No More Internal IDs Available
123717: Windows NT Backup Writes Incorrect Times To Log
123738: STOP 0x0000001e Err Msg with NetBEUI Client/Server Applications
123740: Unexpected Error Accessing MS Mail Postoffice Through GSNW
123741: Cannot Run RAS Programs When a Service References RASAPI32.DLL
123744: Secure Erase on Exabyte 2501 Err Msg: The Computer Has Rebooted
123764: Display Unreadable with an IBM 8514/A Video Adapter
123862: Opening a File Causes the Application to Close
123942: Invalid User Names Causes Memory Leak
123957: Error Updating PowerPoint 4.0 File Using CSNW/GSNW
123964: Server Service Hangs When Using GSNW
123965: Can't Get Zone Information with Compaq Netflex II TR NIC
123976: Sequential File Reads of 4K Instead of 64K Blocks
124021: CD-ROM File System Does Not De-allocate Non-paged Pool Memory
124084: FTP OnNet 1.1 PPP Client Hangs Windows NT 3.5 RAS Service
124120: Event Log Service Fails to Start Due to Event Log Corruption
124121: Memory Loss During Application Process Creation
124142: Registry Editor Hangs When You Select a Key
124157: Cannot Build VC++ Projects (.PDB & .PCH Files) on Netware Server
124242: Forced Disconnect for Macintosh Users Not Working
124284: STOP 0x00000026 when Accessing a CD Using an Indirect Path
124360: Non Critical Error with IR32_32.DLL and Mitsumi IDE CD-ROM
124374: Windows NT 3.1 Computer Cannot Log On to Windows NT 3.5 Domain
124375: SFM: File Permissions Problem When Volume is Shared at Root
124484: Error 33: DOSRead and DOSWrite APIs from OS/2 Application
124542: Service Logged On w/ User Account Able to Interact with Desktop
124549: Unable to Disable Print Event Logging in Windows NT 3.5
124599: Trumpet PPP Client Can Hang RAS
124648: DC21040 Causes Windows NT 3.5 to Stop Responding (Hang)
124747: SFM Err Msg: The Item...Is Missing and Was Probably Deleted...
124796: DHCP Client Does Not Support Domain Name Option
124816: Very Large or Very Small Transfers to SCSI Printers Fail
124853: STOP Message with SFMATALK.SYS
124874: STOP Message 0x0A Running Performance Monitor on NEC 3360
124909: Problems Accessing Drive Formatted with Ontrack Disk Manager
124910: Using Ontrack Disk Manager to Support Large IDE Drives
124912: Slow Processing with Windows NT PDC and LAN Manager BDC
124936: Application in VDM May Receive Overrun Error
124940: STOP 0x0000000A when Accessing NetWare Server
124957: ATAPI Driver Fails to Load For Sony CDU-55E CD-ROM
124958: NTFS Integrity Problems with Large Stripe Sets
125573: Event Viewer Does Not Report System Log Errors Correctly
125625: Software Compression Compatibility in Windows NT 3.5 RAS
125646: Computer with Intel Neptune PCI Chip Hangs on Warm Reboot
125759: Windows NT3.5 Improves Performance with Intel Neptune PCI Chip
126020: Setup Err Msg on Intel Xpress Deskside: Inaccessible Boot...
126126: Windows NT Setup Fails when SCSI Controller is Not Detected
126277: 16-Bit Process Creation Can Result in Memory Loss
126429: Equinox Serial Driver Causes the Win16 Subsystem to Fail
126752: DCs Fail to Synchronize or Validate Users Over NWLINK
127818: Clients Fail to Connect to Windows NT Server
127908: Granularity Value Changes After Installing Service Pack 2
127946: SCOPY in Resource Kit 3.1 Changes Time and Date Stamp
128565: LMHOSTS File Generates STOP 0x00000050
129045: Date and Time Stamp of Files Change When Copied to Netware
130117: Running PKZIP Hangs WFW or Windows NT MS-DOS Command Prompt
130120: Event Error 2000 Logged Repeatedly Due to Illegal Command
130291: Mac 3270 Err Msg After Installing Windows NT Service Pack 2
130480: GSNW Share Names Displayed as DELETED with RAS Server Running
130660: STOP 0x1E in SFMSRV.SYS When Using Services for Macintosh
130909: NTBACKUP Fails to Restore All Files in a Directory
131769: Adding A Second Adaptec 154x SCSI Adapter Fails in Windows NT
131778: System-wide Pool Paged Bytes Allocated By Files Are Not Released
131841: Glyph Problems With Automatic Type 1 To TrueType Font Converte
131865: SMC Elite Ultra NIC Causes UNIX Computers to Disconnect TCP/IP
132155: Sybase SQLServer Services Fail to Start

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Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.51, Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51

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