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When you close a document after saving it, Word may prompt you to savechanges even though there are apparently no changes to be saved.
This behavior is by design and occurs when the Word Automatic SpellChecking feature is enabled. When you have the Automatic Spell Checkingoption selected, Word may add information to the document after you save itthat causes Word to prompt to save changes. Automatic Spell Checking makeschanges to the document by adding information about each word beingcorrectly or incorrectly spelled. When spelling data is changed after asave, Word asks if you want to save changes to ensure that the valuablespelling data is saved.
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To reproduce this behavior, change some text in your document and thenquickly save the document while the small icon in the status bar is moving.After you save, Word adds new spelling data to the document, and that newdata causes Word to ask if you want to save changes when you close thefile.

To turn off automatic spell checking, do the following:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. Click the Spelling (Word 7.x) or the Spelling & Grammar (Word 97) tab .
  3. Clear the Automatic Spell Checking (Word 7.x) or the Check Spelling As You Type (Word 97) check box.
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Microsoft Word 95a, Microsoft Word 97 Standard Edition

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