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Word Opens Master Document as Read-Only

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After you save a master document, close it, and reopen it, Word may openthe document as read-only.
As in Word 6.0, Word 7.0 opens a Master Document as read-only if you arenot the author. To determine who the author is, Word looks at the Authorfield on the Summary tab of the File Properties dialog box and compares thename to the Name field on the User Info tab in the Tools Options dialogbox. If they don't match, Word opens the file as read-only.

However, unlike Word 6.0, Word 7.0 saves the Author name from the ToolsOptions User Info tab when the Master document is created (File New)instead of when the document is saved for the first time. So it is possibleto start a new document, change the name in the Name field of the User Infotab in Tools Options, add subdocuments, save the master document, and thenhave the master document reopen as read-only because, at this point, theAuthor name will not match the User name.

This problem was corrected in Microsoft Word 97 for Windows.
To open the master document so that you can make changes to the file,change the Name field on the User Info tab in Tools Options so it matchesthe Author field in the document properties of the main document. When youclose and then reopen the master document, Word opens it as read-write.

To prevent the creation of a master document with an incorrect Author name,verify that the Name field on the User Info tab in Tools Options is correctbefore creating a new document, or verify the Author name on the Summarytab in File Properties is correct before saving master documents for thefirst time.
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