Description of the error messages and their corresponding error numbers that have changed in Visual FoxPro for Windows 3.0

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The following list shows those error messages with the corresponding errornumbers that have been modified (the wording has changed) in MicrosoftVisual FoxPro. This list does not include error numbers new to MicrosoftVisual FoxPro.
   1   File does not exist.  11   Function argument value, type, or count is invalid.  12   Variable  <variable>  is not found.  13   Alias is not found.  15   Not a table.  17   Table number is invalid.  18   Line is too long.  21   Length of memory variable strings exceeds amount of memory.  23   Index expression exceeds maximum length.  24   Alias name is already in use.  26   Table has no index order set.  30   Row or column position is off the screen.  34   Operation is invalid for a Memo, General, or Picture field.  36   Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword.  37   You must use a logical expression with FILTER.  39   Numeric overflow. Data was lost.  41   Memo file  <name>  is missing or is invalid.  42   The LOCATE command must be issued before the CONTINUE command.  43   There is not enough memory to complete this operation.  46   Expression evaluated to an illegal value.  47   No fields found to process.  50   Report file is invalid.  52   No table is open.  54   Label file is invalid.  55   Memory variable file is invalid.  58   LOG(): Zero or negative used as argument.  61   SQRT() argument cannot be negative.  62   Cannot access characters beyond string.  67   Expression evaluator failed.  91   File was not placed in memory using the LOAD command.  94   Must specify additional parameters.  95   Statement is not allowed in interactive mode. 101   Cannot open file. 103   Allowed DO nesting level exceeded. 108   File is in use by another user. 109   Record is in use by another user. 110   File must be opened exclusively. 111   Cannot update the cursor. 114   Index does not match the table. Delete the index file       and re-create the index. 115   .DIF file header is invalid. 116   .DIF vector is invalid - .DBF field mismatch. 117   .DIF type indicator is invalid. 119   .SYLK file header is invalid. 120   .SYLK file dimension bounds are invalid. 121   .SYLK file format is invalid. 124   Printer redirection is invalid. 125   Printer is not ready. 127   View file is invalid. 164   Menu title has not been defined with DEFINE PAD. 165   Menu has not been defined with DEFINE POPUP. 166   No menu items have been defined for this menu. 167   Menu item position must be a positive number. 168   Menu has not been defined with DEFINE MENU. 169   Cannot define menu item. 170   Cannot release menu item. 174   Cannot redefine a menu that is in use. 175   Cannot redefine a popup that is in use. 176   Cannot clear a menu that is in use. 177   Cannot clear a popup that is in use. 178   Menu has not been activated with ACTIVATE MENU. 179   Menu has not been activated with ACTIVATE POPUP. 181   Menu specified in ACTIVATE MENU is already in use. 182   Menu specified in ACTIVATE POPUP is already in use. 202   Invalid path or file name. 214   Window has not been defined with DEFINE WINDOW. 215   Window has not been activated with ACTIVATE WINDOW. 216   Display mode is not available. 221   Left margin including indent must be less than the right margin. 225    <name>  is not a memory variable. 226    <name>  is not a file variable. 227   Box dimensions are invalid. 230   Array dimensions are invalid. 231   Invalid argument used with the SET function. 232    <name>  is not an array. 279   Menu was not pushed. 287   Menu size is too small. 291   Expression used with ASIN() is out of range. 292   Cannot use 0 or negative as the argument for LOG10(). 293   Expression used with ACOS() is out of range. 297   Lotus 1-2-3 version 2.0 file format is invalid. 332   Window specified in DEFINE WINDOW has invalid coordinates. 355   Macro is not defined. 356   Keyboard macro file format is invalid. 392   Maximum record length exceeded in the import file.1001   Feature is not available.1002   Input/output operation failure.1103   Invalid seek offset.1104   Error reading file.1105   Error writing to file.1106   Cannot access file; transaction is in progress.1108   Picture too big, corrupt, or in wrong format.1112   Error closing the file.1113   File is not open.1115   Invalid operation for the cursor.1117   Key field length does not match.1124   Key exceeds allowed size.1126   Record is too long.1127   You must use a logical expression with a FOR or WHILE clause.1130   'field' phrase is not found.1134   Variable must be in the selected table.1140   FILTER expression exceeds allowed size.1141   Unrecognized index file revision. Re-create the index.1145   Must be a character or numeric key field.1147   Target table is already engaged in a relation.1148   Expression has been re-entered while the filter is executing.1149   Not enough memory for buffer.1150   Not enough memory for file map.1151   Not enough memory for filename.1152   Cannot access the selected table.1153   Cannot rename the file to different device.1157   Cannot update the file.1161   Too many records to browse or edit in the demo version.1162   Procedure  <procedure>  is not found.1163   Browse table is closed.1164   Browse structure has changed.1165    <field>  is not related to the current work area.1178   Application file  <file>  is not closed.1195   Object file  <file>  was compiled in a previous version of FoxPro.1196    <file>  is not a Visual FoxPro .EXE file.1202   Program is too large.1211   An IF | ELSE | ENDIF statement is missing.1212   Structure nesting is too deep.1213   CASE, ENDCASE, or OTHERWISE does not have corresponding       DO CASE statement.1214   ENDTEXT does not have corresponding TEXT statement.1220   Command contains invalid character.1221   Command is missing required clause.1225   Must be a memory or array variable.1232   DIMENSION contains variable declaration without required       subscript arguments.1234   Subscript is outside defined range.1235   Structure is invalid.1238   No PARAMETER statement is found.1241   Improper data type in the group expression.1242   Syntax error in the field expression.1243   Internal error: Too many characters in the report.1245   Invalid expression in label definition file.1246   Total label width exceeds allowed size.1249   Too many READ commands are in effect.1250   Too many PROCEDURE commands are in effect.1252   Compiled code for this line is too long.1253   Cannot rename the current directory.1254   Cannot nest key labels.1255   Key label  <label>  is invalid.1257   Key string is too long.1294   FOXUSER.DBF file is invalid.1296   Error reading the resource.1300   Function name is missing ).1304   Function name is missing (.1306   Missing comma (,).1307   Cannot divide by 0.1309    <file>  is not an object file.1310   Too many characters are specified in the PICTURE clause.1337   Cannot nest the PRINTJOB command.1405   RUN|! command failed.1410   Unable to create temporary work files.1411   RUN|! command string is too long.1412   Cannot locate the COMSPEC environment variable.1420   OLE object is invalid or corrupted.1421   Cannot activate the OLE server.1422   Error saving the OLE object.1423   Error creating the OLE object.1424   Error copying the OLE object to Clipboard.1502   Cannot write to the record because it is in use.1507   Screen code is too large for available memory.1600   Not enough memory to open a table with the USE command.1604   No menu item is defined.1605   No menu is defined.1607   Maximum menu items allowed (128) is exceeded.1608   Maximum menus allowed (25) is exceeded.1611   Menu items and titles must be type Character.1612   No such menu or menu item is defined.1621   No menu titles have been defined for this menu.1632   Window file format is invalid.1637   File must be opened exclusively to convert the Memo file.1642   Color set resource is not found.1644   Printer driver is not found.1645   Report contains a nesting error.1646   Total field type must be Date or Numeric.1647   Field expression contains an invalid data type.1649   No previous PRINTJOB command to correspond to this command.1651   CANCEL or SUSPEND is not allowed.1652   Invalid use of a Visual FoxPro function as an array.1657   Column number must be between 0 and the right margin.1659   The table has memo fields that cannot be converted while       open read-only.1661   Microsoft Excel file format is invalid.1662   Lotus 1-2-3 version 1.0 file format is invalid.1670   Multiplan version 4.0 file format is invalid.1671   Cannot import from password-protected file.1673   Symphony version 1.0 file format is invalid.1674   Symphony version 1.1 file format is invalid.1678   Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.0 file format is invalid.1681   PREVIEW clause is not allowed with OFF/NOCONSOLE or TO PRINT/FILE.1683   Index tag is not found.1684   Index tag or file name must be specified.1686   Form file  <name>  is invalid.1687   Menu file is invalid.1688   Paradox file format is invalid.1689   Cannot build an .APP or .EXE file without a main program.1690   Table operation is invalid during indexing.1691   Library file  <name>  is invalid.1693   Cannot find the menu-generation program.1694   Too many extensions are specified.1695   COLUMN | FORM | ALIAS | NOOVERWRITE | WIDTH are only allowed       with the FROM clause.1696   NOWAIT/SAVE/NOENVIRONMENT/IN/WINDOW clauses are not allowed       with the FROM clause.1698   COLUMN | ROW | ALIAS | NOOVERWRITE | SIZE | SCREEN are only       allowed with the FROM clause.1705   File access is denied.1706   Cannot sort .IDX files in descending order.1707   Structural .CDX file is not found.1710   MULTISELECT or MOVER clause is not supported for PROMPT style menus.1711   API library revision mismatch. Rebuild library.1712   Field name is a duplicate or invalid.1713   Field width or number of decimal places is invalid.1715   Server  <server>  is not found.1716   Queue  <queue>  is not found.1718   File is read-only.1719   Object file  <name>  is in use and cannot be removed from memory.1720   Cannot issue the SET FORMAT command while a READ command is       in progress on a format file.1722   Preprocessor expression is invalid.1723   Mismatched #IF/#ELSIF/#ELSE/#ENDIF.1724   Missing #ENDIF.1725   Constant is already created with #DEFINE.1726   API library is not found.1727   A .DBF-style Help file is required.1800   SQL: Internal error.1801   SQL: Error correlating fields.1802   SQL: Cannot locate table.1803   SQL: HAVING clause is invalid.1804   SQL: Statement is invalid.1805   SQL: Too many subqueries.1806   SQL: Column  <field> | <variable>  is not found.1807   SQL: GROUP BY clause is invalid.1808   SQL: ORDER BY clause is invalid.1809   SQL: Out of memory.1810   SQL: Invalid use of subquery.1811   SQL: Aggregate on non-numeric expression.1812   SQL: Statement too long.1813   SQL: Use of UNION in subquery is invalid.1814   SQL: Queries of this type are not supported.1815    <cursor>  must be created with SELECT ...INTO TABLE.1818   SQL: FROM clause is required.1819   SQL: DISTINCT is invalid.1820   SQL: SELECT contains invalid *.1822   SQL: Invalid aggregate field.1825   SQL: Subquery is invalid.1826   SQL: SELECT is invalid.1828   SQL: Illegal GROUP BY in subquery.1830   SQL: Index is not found.1831   SQL: Error building temporary index.1832    <field> | <variable>  is not unique and must be qualified.1833   SQL: WHERE clause is invalid.1834   SQL: Too many UNIONs.1839   SQL: Operation was canceled.1841   SQL: Too many columns referenced.1842   SQL: Subquery nesting is too deep.1844   Cannot nest aggregate functions.1845   SQL expression is too complex.1903   String is too long to fit.1907   Drive specifier is invalid.1908   Length or decimal place argument is invalid.1912   Operation is invalid for a General field.1999   Function is not implemented.

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