Keyboard Shortcuts in Word 7.0 for Windows 95

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The following is a list of keyboard shortcuts available in Word 7.0.

This list is a compilation of the individual keyboard shortcut lists,which are available in Word Help.

For more information about shortcut keys in Word, open the Answer Wizardand see the "Shortcut Keys" topic.

Function Key Shortcuts

                                          CTRL+                  ALT+                  SHIFT+      CTRL+       SHIFT+      ALT+       SHIFT+Key  Key Only     Key         Key         Key         Key        Key--------------------------------------------------------------------------F1   Get Online   Reveal                              Next       Previous     Help or the  Formatting                          Field      Field     Answer     Wizard--------------------------------------------------------------------------F2   Move text    Copy text   Print                              Save     or graphics              preview                            command                              command                            (File                              (File Menu)                        Menu)--------------------------------------------------------------------------F3   Insert an    Change the  Cut to     Insert     AutoText     case of     spike      contents of     entry        letters                the spike--------------------------------------------------------------------------F4   Repeat the   Repeat a    Close the               Exit     last action  Find or     window                  GoTo                  action--------------------------------------------------------------------------F5   Carry out    Move to a   Restore    Edit a     the GoTo     previous    the        bookmark     command      revision    window     (Edit menu)              size--------------------------------------------------------------------------F6   Go to next   Go to       Go to      Go to     pane         previous    next       previous                  pane        window     window--------------------------------------------------------------------------F7   Carry out    Carry out   Carry out  Update       Find next     the          the         the Move   linked       misspelling     Spelling     Thesaurus   command    information  (Automatic     command      command     (Control   on a Word    Spell     (Tools       (Tools      menu)      source       Checking     menu)        menu)                  document     enabled)--------------------------------------------------------------------------F8   Extend a     Shrink a    Carry out  Extend a     selection    selection   the Size   selection                              command    (or block)                              (Document                              Control                              menu)--------------------------------------------------------------------------F9    Update      Switch      Insert an  Unlink a     Switch     Run      selected    between a   empty      field        between    GOTO-      fields      field code  field                   all field  BUTTON                  and its                             codes and  or MACRO-                  result                              all        BUTTON                                                      results    from the                                                                 field that                                                                 displays                                                                 the field                                                                 results--------------------------------------------------------------------------F10   Activate    Display a   Maximize   Activate     Maximize      the menu    shortcut    the        the ruler    the      bar         menu        document                application                              window                  window--------------------------------------------------------------------------F11   Go to the   Go to the   Lock a     Unlock a      next field  previous    field      field                  field--------------------------------------------------------------------------F12   Carry out   Carry out   Carry out  Carry out      the Save As the Save    the Open   the Print      command     command     command    command      (File menu) (File menu) (File menu)(File menu)--------------------------------------------------------------------------				

Apply Formatting Using Shortcut Keys

Format Characters Using Shortcut Keys

Change the font                               CTRL+SHIFT+FChange the font size                          CTRL+SHIFT+PIncrease the font size                        CTRL+SHIFT+>Decrease the font size                        CTRL+SHIFT+<Increase the font size by 1 point             CTRL+]Decrease the font size by 1 point             CTRL+[Change the case of letters                    SHIFT+F3Format letters as all capitals                CTRL+SHIFT+AApply or remove bold formatting               CTRL+BApply or remove an underline                  CTRL+UUnderline single words                        CTRL+SHIFT+WDouble-underline text                         CTRL+SHIFT+DApply or remove hidden text                   CTRL+SHIFT+HApply italic formatting                       CTRL+IFormat letters as small capitals              CTRL+SHIFT+KApply subscripts (automatic spacing)          CTRL+EQUAL SIGNApply superscripts (automatic spacing)        CTRL+SHIFT+EQUAL SIGNRemove formatting (plain text)                CTRL+SHIFT+ZChange the selection to Symbol font           CTRL+SHIFT+QDisplay nonprinting characters                CTRL+SHIFT+* (asterisk)				

Format Paragraphs Using Shortcut Keys

Single-space lines                            CTRL+1Double-space lines                            CTRL+2Set 1.5-line spacing                          CTRL+5Add one line of space preceding text          CTRL+0 (zero)Remove the space preceding text               CTRL+0 (zero)Center a paragraph                            CTRL+EJustify a paragraph                           CTRL+JLeft align a paragraph                        CTRL+LRight align a paragraph                       CTRL+RIndent a paragraph from the left              CTRL+MRemove a paragraph indent from the left       CTRL+SHIFT+MCreate a hanging indent                       CTRL+TReduce a hanging indent                       CTRL+SHIFT+TRemove paragraph formatting                   CTRL+QApply a style (with the Formatting               toolbar displayed)             CTRL+SHIFT+SCarry out the Style command (Format menu)  (Formatting toolbar not displayed)          CTRL+SHIFT+SStart AutoFormat                              CTRL+KApply the Normal style                        CTRL+SHIFT+NApply the Heading 1 style                     ALT+CTRL +1Apply the Heading 2 style                     ALT+CTRL +2Apply the Heading 3 style                     ALT+CTRL +3Apply the List style                          CTRL+SHIFT+L				

Edit and Move Text Using Shortcut Keys

Copy and Move Text and Graphics Using Shortcut Keys

Copy text or graphics                         CTRL+CCopy formats                                  CTRL+SHIFT+CMove text or graphics                         F2Paste text or graphics                        CTRL+VPaste formats                                 CTRL+SHIFT+V				

Delete Text and Graphics Using Shortcut Keys

Delete one character to the left              BACKSPACEDelete one word to the left                   CTRL+BACKSPACEDelete one character to the right             DELETEDelete one word to the right                  CTRL+DELETECut selected text to the Clipboard            CTRL+XUndo the last action                          CTRL+ZCut to the Spike                              CTRL+F3				

Insert Special Characters

Field                                         CTRL+F9AutoText entry                                Type AutoText entry name,                                              and then press ALT+CTRL+VLine break                                    SHIFT+ENTERPage break                                    CTRL+ENTERColumn break                                  CTRL+SHIFT+ENTEROptional hyphen                               CTRL+HYPHENNonbreaking hyphen                            CTRL+SHIFT+HYPHENNonbreaking space                             CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBARCopyright symbol                              ALT+CTRL+CRegistered trademark symbol                   ALT+CTRL+RTrademark symbol                              ALT+CTRL+TEllipsis                                      ALT+CTRL+PERIODSingle opening quotation mark                 CTRL+`'`Single closing quotation mark                 CTRL+`'`Double opening quotation mark                 CTRL+`"`Double closing quotation mark                 CTRL+`"`Mark a table of contents entry                ALT+SHIFT+OView Spike contents                           CTRL+SHIFT+F3				

Select Text and Graphics Using Shortcut Keys

Note: Select text by holding down SHIFT and pressing keys that move theinsertion point.
One character to the right                    SHIFT+RIGHT ARROWOne character to the left                     SHIFT+LEFT ARROWTo the end of a word                          CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROWTo the beginning of a word                    CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROWTo the end of a line                          SHIFT+ENDTo the beginning of a line                    SHIFT+HOMEOne line down                                 SHIFT+DOWN ARROWOne line up                                   SHIFT+UP ARROWTo the end of a paragraph                     CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROWTo the beginning of a paragraph               CTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROWOne screen down                               SHIFT+PAGE DOWNOne screen up                                 SHIFT+PAGE UPTo the end of a document                      CTRL+SHIFT+ ENDTo the beginning of a document                CTRL+SHIFT+ HOMETo include the entire document                CTRL+ATo a vertical block of text                   CTRL+SHIFT+F8, and then use                                                the arrow keys; press ESC                                                to cancel selection modeTo a specific location in a document          F8+arrow keys; press ESC to                                                cancel selection mode				
Tip: If you know the key combination to move the insertion point, you canselect the text by using the same key combination while holding down SHIFT.For example, CTRL+RIGHT ARROW moves the insertion point to the next word,and CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW selects the text from the insertion point to thebeginning of the next word.

Select Text and Graphics in a Table Using Shortcut Keys

Select a column                               ALT and hold it down while                                                you click the columnExtend a selection (or block)                 CTRL+SHIFT+F8, and then use                                                the arrow keysReduce the selection size                     SHIFT+F8Select an entire table                        ALT+5 on the numeric keypad				

Extend a Selection Using Shortcut Keys

Select the nearest character                  F8+characterTurn extend mode on or off                    F8Reduce the size of a selection                SHIFT+F8				

Move to a Character, Word, Paragraph, Column,or Object Using Shortcut keys

One character to the left                     LEFT ARROWOne character to the right                    RIGHT ARROWOne word to the left                          CTRL+LEFT ARROWOne word to the right                         CTRL+RIGHT ARROWOne paragraph up                              CTRL+UP ARROWOne paragraph down                            CTRL+DOWN ARROWTo the previous frame or object               ALT+UP ARROWTo the next frame or object                   ALT+DOWN ARROWOne column to the left (in a table)           SHIFT+TABOne column to the right (in a table)          TABTo the next misspelling(Automatic Spell Checking enabled)            SHIFT+BACKSPACE				

Move to a Line, a Page, a Screen, the Beginning or End of a Document, orthe Previous Revision Using Shortcut Keys

Up one line                                   UP ARROWDown one line                                 DOWN ARROWTo the end of a line                          ENDTo the beginning of a line                    HOMEUp one page                                   ALT+CTRL+PAGE UPDown one page                                 ALT+CTRL+PAGE DOWNUp one screen                                 PAGE UPDown one screen                               PAGE DOWNTo the bottom of a screen                     CTRL+PAGE DOWNTo the top of a screen                        CTRL+PAGE UPTo the end of a document                      CTRL+ENDTo the beginning of a document                CTRL+HOMETo a previous revision                        SHIFT+F5To the location of the insertion point  when the document was last closed           SHIFT+F5				

Move Around in a Table Using Shortcut Keys

Next cell in a row                            TABPrevious cell in a row                        SHIFT+TABFirst cell in a row                           ALT+HOMEFirst cell in a column                        ALT+PAGE UPLast cell in a row                            ALT+ENDLast cell in a column                         ALT+PAGE DOWNPrevious row                                  UP ARROWNext row                                      DOWN ARROW				

Insert Paragraphs and Tab Characters Using Shortcut Keys

New paragraphs in a cell                      ENTERTab characters in a cell                      CTRL+TAB				

Merge Documents Using Shortcut Keys

Preview a mail merge                          ALT+SHIFT+KMerge a document                              ALT+SHIFT+NPrint the merged document                     ALT+SHIFT+MEdit a mail merge data document               ALT+SHIFT+EInsert a merge field                          ALT+SHIFT+F				

Print and Preview a Document Using Shortcut Keys

Print command (File menu)                     CTRL+PMove around the page when zoomed in           Arrow keysMove by one page when zoomed out              PAGE UP or PAGE DOWNMove to the first page when zoomed out        CTRL+UP ARROW or                                                CTRL+LEFT ARROWMove to the last page when zoomed out         CTRL+DOWN ARROW or                                                CTRL+RIGHT ARROW				

Work with Fields Using Shortcut Keys

Insert DATE field                             ALT+SHIFT+DInsert PAGE field                             ALT+SHIFT+PInsert TIME field                             ALT+SHIFT+TInsert Empty field                            CTRL+F9Update linked information in a Word  source document                             CTRL+SHIFT+F7Update selected fields                        F9Unlink a field                                CTRL+SHIFT+F9Switch between a field code and its result    SHIFT+F9Switch between all field codes and  all results                                 ALT+F9Run a GOTOBUTTON or MACROBUTTON from the  field that displays the field results       ALT+SHIFT+F9Go to the next field                          F11Go to the previous field                      SHIFT+F11Lock a field                                  CTRL+F11Unlock a field                                CTRL+SHIFT+F11				

Work with Menus Using Shortcut Keys

You can choose any menu command with the keyboard. Press ALT+ the letterunderlined in the menu name, and then press the letter underlined in thecommand name.
Display the shortcut menu                     SHIFT+F10Display the application Control menu          SPACEBAR (when the menu bar                                                        is active)Select the next or previous command  on the menu                                 DOWN ARROW or UP ARROW                                              (with the menu displayed)Select the menu to the left or right;  or, with a submenu displayed, toggle  the selection between the main menu  and the submenu                             LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW				

Work on an Outline Using Shortcut Keys

Promote a paragraph                           ALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROWDemote a paragraph                            ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROWDemote to body text                           CTRL+SHIFT+NMove selected paragraphs up                   ALT+SHIFT+UP ARROWMove selected paragraphs down                 ALT+SHIFT+DOWN ARROWExpand text under a heading                   ALT+SHIFT+PLUS SIGNCollapse text under a heading                 ALT+SHIFT+MINUS SIGNShow all text or headings                     ALT+SHIFT+ADisplay all text                              Asterisk (*) key on the                                                numeric keypadHide or display character formatting          Slash (/) key on the numeric                                                keypadShow the first line of body text or  all body text                               ALT+SHIFT+LShow all headings with the Heading 1 style    ALT +SHIFT+1Show all headings up to Heading n             ALT +SHIFT+n				

Work in Windows and Dialog Boxes

Work in Windows

Next application                              ALT+TABPrevious application                          ALT+SHIFT+TABStart menu                                    CTRL+ESCClose the window                              CTRL+F4Restore the window size                       CTRL+F5Switch to the next window                     CTRL+F6Switch to the previous window                 CTRL+SHIFT+F6Carry out the Move command (Control menu)     CTRL+F7Carry out the Size command (Control menu)     CTRL+F8Maximize the window                           CTRL+F10Select a folder in the Open or  Save As dialog box (File menu)              ALT+0, and then use the                                                arrow keysChoose a toolbar button in the Open or  Save As dialog box (File menu)              ALT+ number (1 is the                                                leftmost button, 2 is the                                                next, and so on)Refresh the Open or Save As dialog box  (File menu)                                 F5				

Work in Dialog Boxes Using Shortcut Keys

Switch to the next tab in a tab dialog box    CTRL+TAB or CTRL+PAGE DOWNSwitch to the previous tab in a tab  dialog box                                  CTRL+SHIFT+TAB or                                                CTRL+PAGE UPMove to the next option or group of  option buttons                              TABMove to the previous option or group  of option buttons                           SHIFT+TABMove within the active list box or group  of option buttons                           Arrow keySelect the active command button or  check box                                   SPACEBARMove to the next item beginning with that  letter in an active list box                Letter keySelect the item with that underlined letter   ALT+ letter keyDisplay a drop-down list box                  ALT+DOWN ARROWClose a drop-down list box                    ESCChoose the default command button             ENTERCancel the command and close the dialog box   ESC				

Within the File Save As dialog box

File List                                      ALT+0 (zero)Up One Level                                   ALT+1Look in Favorites                              ALT+2New Folder                                     ALT+3List View                                      ALT+4Details View                                   ALT+5Properties View                                ALT+6Commands and Settings                          ALT+7				
Note that some of these shortcut keys work differently in the File Openfolder. ALT+0 and ALT+3 cause different actions in File Open.

Within a Text Box

Move to the beginning or end of the entry     HOME or ENDMove one character to the left or right       LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROWSelect from the insertion point to the  beginning of the entry                      SHIFT+HOMESelect from the insertion point to the  end of the entry                            SHIFT+ENDSelect the character to the left              SHIFT+LEFT ARROWSelect the character to the right             SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW				
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