Cannot Access Macintosh Files on Windows NT Server

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You cannot view or open certain Macintosh files or folders on a MicrosoftWindows NT server.

NOTE: This same behavior can occur anytime a Windows 95 client tries to view or open a file that was created with a non-standard code page.

For example, if you create a file using the PanEuro version of Windows 95, you cannot view the file in Windows 95 US version.
The files or folders you cannot access contain extended characters in theirfile name. Extended characters that are displayed as an underscore (_) arenot in the OEM/ANSI-to-Unicode or Unicode-to-OEM/ANSI mapping tables. Theunderscore character is substituted for characters that cannot be mapped ordisplayed.
Rename these files or folders using Windows NT.
The following characters are valid in file names in the Macintoshenvironment but not in Windows 95:

   /    \    *   <   >   "   |   ?				

If a Macintosh user creates a folder whose name contains any of thesecharacters and you try to open the folder in Windows 95, you receive thefollowing error message:

   The directory does not exist				

This behavior can also occur if a Macintosh folder name contains a trailingspace or period at the end of the name.

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