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This article contains a copy of the information in the Display.txt filefrom the Windows 95 CD-ROM. Setup copies this file to the Windows folder.
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-------------------------------------------------------------------             Microsoft Windows 95 README for Displays                             August 1995-------------------------------------------------------------------             (c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1995This document provides complementary or late-breaking informationto supplement the Microsoft Windows 95 documentation.------------------------How to Use This Document------------------------To view Display.txt on screen in Notepad, maximize the Notepadwindow.To print Display.txt, open it in Notepad or another wordprocessor, and then use the Print command on the File menu.--------CONTENTS--------DISPLAY ADAPTERS AND MONITORSAdapter TypeMonitor TypeRefresh RatesCorrecting Display ProblemsCursor ColorsPCI Display AdaptersIRQ Conflicts with PCI Display AdaptersAvance Logic Display AdaptersDiamond Stealth and Speedstar 64/ProDiamond ViperS3 Display AdaptersATI Mach8/32/64Number Nine Imagine 128Hercules Graphite, Boca Vortek, Orchid Celsius (IIT AGX)Chips and TechnologiesIBM ThinkPadMatrox MGATrident Display AdaptersVideo Logic 928MovieWestern DigitalSPEA AdaptersAppian RenegadeCompaq Presario with Cirrus Logic---------------------------------DISPLAY ADAPTERS AND MONITORS=============================Adapter Type------------Windows 95 Setup configures your adapter type based on the type ofcontroller it uses; for example, S3, Cirrus Logic, or ATI. However,you may find a more exact match for your adapter make and model inDisplay properties. To change your adapter type, open Displayproperties, click the Settings tab, and then click Change DisplayType. In the Adapter Type area, click Change.In most cases, selecting a more precise adapter type does not changethe driver or its behavior in any way.Monitor Type------------If Windows 95 does not contain your exact monitor type, select oneof the standard display types instead. This will not adversely affectthe performance or quality of Windows 95 display output.Refresh Rates-------------Selecting your monitor type in Windows 95 Display properties does notaffect the refresh rate used by your display adapter. To adjust therefresh rate, you must specify your monitor type in the adapter setupprogram supplied by your display adapter or PC manufacturer. Someutilities must be included in your Autoexec.bat file. On some PCs,monitor type is set in BIOS configuration programs. Examples ofutilities from adapter manufacturers include:  ATI                   Install.exe  Cirrus Logic          Montype.exe, Clmode.exe  Diamond Stealth       Stlmode.exe  Diamond Stealth 64    S64mode.exe, go95.exe  Matrox                \Mga\Setup\Setup.exe  Tseng Labs            Vmode.exe  Western Digital       Vgamode.exeYou may be able to obtain updated drivers that set the refresh ratebased on the selected monitor type from adapter vendors or from theWindows Driver Library.Correcting Display Problems---------------------------In general, you can correct many display-related problems by clickingthe Graphics button on the Performance tab in System properties. Dragthe slider in this dialog box and experiment with different settingsbefore you revert to 640x480 16-color mode to work around a problem.In particular, if you have problems with "see through" dialogs, orif graphic elements remain on your screen after you close a menu ordialog box, move the slider down one notch to "Most acceleratorfunctions". This symptom can occur even on non-accelerated adapters.NOTE: Adobe Type Manager (ATM) is not compatible with the "None"setting in this dialog box. If Windows does not start due to thisproblem, restart Windows, and then press F8 when "Starting Windows 95"appears on your screen. Press 3 to start Windows in Safe Mode. Thenchange graphics acceleration to a different setting.Color Cursors-------------Color cursors require a Windows 95 display driver running at 256 ormore colors. They are not supported for ATI mach8 display adapters.If Windows 95 is not using 32-bit disk access, cursors will notanimate. You can check this setting in System properties on thePerformance tab.PCI Display Adapters--------------------Your screen resolution may revert to 640x480 when Setup startsWindows 95 for the first time. Resolution should return to your usualsettings in subsequent sessions.IRQ Conflicts with PCI Display Adapters---------------------------------------If your PCI display adapter is configured by your BIOS to use IRQ 15and a functioning secondary PCI IDE disk controller is also configuredto use IRQ 15 (by default), Windows 95 assigns IRQ 15 to the IDE diskcontroller. This forces your display adapter to use VGA mode.To load the accelerated Windows 95 driver for your display adapter,you must eliminate the resource conflict. One of the following methodsshould work for you:- Obtain a BIOS upgrade from your hardware vendor.- If your BIOS supports it, disable the secondary PCI IDE controller  in the BIOS and on the Device Manager tab in System properties.- If your BIOS supports it, disable the IRQ of the display adapter.- If your BIOS supports it, manually reconfigure the display adapter  to use a different IRQ setting.Avance Logic Display Adapters-----------------------------A Windows 95 driver for Avance Logic 2301 adapters (for example, theHercules Stingray adapter) is available on the Windows 95 CD-ROM inthe \Drivers\Display\Avance folder.The driver is also available in the Windows Driver Library. For moreinformation, see the Windows Driver Library section earlier in thisfile.Diamond Stealth and SpeedStar 64/Pro------------------------------------If you have the Windows 95 CD-ROM, enhanced drivers for these adaptersare available in the \Drivers\Display\Diamond folder. These enhanceddrivers enable you to set refresh rate based on the monitor typeselected in Display properties. For more information about how toinstall these drivers, see the Readme.txt file.These drivers are also available in the Windows Driver Library. Formore information, see the Windows Driver Library section earlier inthis file.Diamond Viper-------------Windows 95 does not have a built-in driver for Diamond Viper adapters.However, if you install Windows 95 in the directory that contains yourWindows 3.x files, Setup will preserve and use the drivers that arealready there. If you install Windows 95 in a different directory,Setup will install the VGA driver.If you have the Windows 95 CD-ROM, a Windows 95 driver for DiamondViper VLB and PCI adapters (Weitek P9000 based) is available in the\Drivers\Display\Diamond folder. For more information about how toinstall these drivers, see the Readme.txt file.These drivers are also available in the Windows Driver Library. Formore information, see the Windows Driver Library section earlier inthis file.S3 Display Adapters-------------------S3 adapters conflict with COM4 ports and modems. If you have modemproblems using this configuration, change your modem to a differentCOM port. Or open System properties in Control Panel, click thePerformance tab, click Graphics, and then drag the slider to None.You can correct certain S3 display problems by adding one of thefollowing lines to the [Display] section of your System.ini file,which is located in the folder that contains your Windows 95 files.For problems with line and shape outline appearance, add:  Polygon=0For color problems with "High Color (16 bit)," add:  HighColor=15For color problems with "True Color (24 bit)," add:  TrueColor=24NOTE: The Windows 95 S3 driver supports 24-bit mode only at aresolution of 640 x 480.ATI Mach8/32/64---------------Windows 95 cannot use high-resolution modes properly unless youradapter is configured correctly using the ATI Install.exe program.Choosing the correct setting for your monitor type is especiallyimportant. Otherwise, high-resolution modes may not be available,or your computer may stop responding when it attempts to switch tothem.If your computer occasionally stops responding on PCI mach32 or mach64adapters, try adding the line "outengine=0" to the [display] sectionof your System.ini file. The file is located in the folder thatcontains your Windows 95 files. If this does not work, try adding"VAD=1" in the same location.  This switch disables linear framebuffermode, which can cause problems on some computers.Number Nine Imagine 128-----------------------A driver for this adapter is available from the Windows DriverLibrary. Windows 95 will install and use the Cirrus Logic driver forthese adapters by default--limiting the maximum display settings to800x600, 256 colors. For more information, see the Windows DriverLibrary section earlier in this file.Hercules Graphite, Boca Vortek, Orchid Celsius (IIT AGX)--------------------------------------------------------The Windows 95 Setup program does not automatically install the driverfor these adapters and other adapters that use the IIT AGX controller.To manually change to the correct display type, open Displayproperties in Control Panel, click the Settings tab, and then clickChange Display Type.This will install the correct driver files, and enable you to select256-color, 16-bit color, and high-resolution modes.Chips and Technologies--------------------This driver is not installed by default on some laptop computers,including the Zenith 433. To manually install the correct driver, openDisplay properties in Control Panel, click the Settings tab, and thenclick Change Display Type.IBM ThinkPad------------To run resolutions above 640x480, you must configure your ThinkPadcorrectly. Check the ThinkPad utilities supplied by IBM; these areusually located on the Start menu.Some older ThinkPad models require that the driver beloaded by your Autoexec.bat file during startup for 256-color modesto work.If you have a ThinkPad 755cx, open Display properties, click theSettings tab, and then click Change Display Type. Change your displaytype from "Western Digital" to "IBM ThinkPad 755cx." This will allowthe built-in panel to display 800x600 modes and may correct somecursor-related problems.Matrox MGA----------For proper operation, your adapter and monitor settings must becorrect in the Matrox setup utility, which is usually located onyour hard disk in the \Mga\Setup folder. If your computer stopsresponding during startup, it may be caused by a conflict with anetwork adapter.If you encounter text problems--for example, incorrect or "garbage"characters--try adding "FontCache=OFF" to the [mga.drv] section ofyour System.ini file, which is located in the folder that containsyour Windows 95 files.Trident Display Adapters------------------------If you have the Windows 95 CD-ROM, an enhanced driver for TridentSuper VGA and accelerator adapters is available in the\Drivers\Display\Trident folder.This driver is also available in the Windows Driver Library. For moreinformation, see the Windows Driver Library section earlier in thisfile.Video Logic 928Movie--------------------For 16-bit color modes to work correctly, make sure your displayadapter type is set to "Video Logic 928Movie" in Display properties.Western Digital---------------On some laptop computers, the mouse pointer may change to a wide bandof colored dots when you switch from a command prompt or MS-DOS-basedprogram. To correct this problem, carry out the following procedure.1. Click the Start button, and then point to Settings.2. Click Control Panel, and then double-click the System icon.3. Click the Performance tab, and then click Graphics.4. Drag the slider to the left one notch.SPEA Adapters-------------On some SPEA adapters that use an S3 controller, your Autoexec.batfile must load a VESA TSR (for example, V7mepvbe.exe) for theWindows 95 S3 driver to work.Appian Renegade---------------Windows 95 Setup installs the VGA driver for this adapter. You canuse Windows 3.1 Renegade drivers with Windows 95, but you must turnoff the Device Bitmaps option so the drivers will operate properly.Compaq Presario with Cirrus Logic---------------------------------If your Compaq Presario uses the Windows 95 Cirrus Logic driver andis unable to use screen resolutions higher than 640x480, check yourAutoexec.bat file for a line similar to the following:c:\windows\vgautil\clmode.exe t640=60 t800=0 t1024=0 t1280=0This line indicates that 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024 resolutionsare disabled because their refresh rates are set to 0. Only 640x480,60 Hz is enabled. If your monitor supports higher resolutions, carryout the following procedure (do not modify your Autoexec.bat filedirectly).1. Click the Start button, and then click Shut Down.2. Click Restart The Computer, and then click Yes.3. When the text "Starting Windows 95" appears, press and release   the F8 key.4. Select Command Prompt Only, and then press ENTER.5. At the command prompt, type the following:   c:\windows\vgautil\clmode6. Use the Clmode program to configure your monitor typeappropriately.7. Quit the Clmode program, and then restart your computer.				

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