Office Custom.dic File Located in Windows Msapps\Proof Folder

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After you install Microsoft Office, the Custom.dic file may be located inthe Msapps\Proof folder in your Windows folder instead of in the ProgramFiles\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof folder.
If you already have a Custom.dic file located in the Msapps\Proof folderfrom a previous version of Microsoft Office or a Microsoft Officeapplication, the Office version 7.0 Setup program does not create a newCustom.dic file or location. This is so you can use the same Custom.dicfile, with all the words that you have added, to check spelling in yourdocuments.

Additionally, the Custom.dic file is created in the Msapps\Proof folderifyou are running a shared Windows installation when you run MicrosoftOfficeSetup.

When you run Microsoft Office Setup with a local Microsoft Windowsinstallation, if you do not already have a Custom.dic file on yourcomputer, the Custom.dic file is created in the Proof folder in theProgramFiles\Common Files\Microsoft Shared folder (the same folder that containsthe other shared applications). However, if you are running a sharedWindows installation, the Custom.dic file is created in the Msapps\Prooffolder in your Windows folder instead.

This behavior occurs because with a shared Windows installation, you havewrite access to the Msapps\Proof folder in the Windows folder (whereWindows is your home folder). It is necessary to have write access to thefolder that contains your Custom.dic file so that you can add words toyourcustom dictionary.
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