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AutoPlay is enabled by the new 32-bit, protected-mode driver architecturein Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Windows 98. Because the operating system can now detect the insertion ofmedia in a CD-ROM drive, it has the opportunity to do some intelligentprocessing whenever this occurs.

By default, Windows 95 and Windows 98 only check for an Autorun.inf file when a CD-ROM disc is inserted into the CD-ROM drive. However, you may want to test for syntax and logic errors before burning a CD-ROM disc. This article explains how.
In Windows 9x, whenever a CD-ROM disc is inserted, the shell immediately checks to see if the CD-ROM disc has a PC filesystem. If it does, Windows 9x looks for a file named Autorun.inf. If the file exists, Windows 9xfollows the instructions contained in the file, which usuallyinvolves running a setup application of some sort.

However, by changing a setting in the Windows 9x registry, you can have theShell use AutoPlay on any media, including shared network drives and floppydisks.

The registry key that needs to be modified is:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\    Software\       Microsoft\          Windows\             CurrentVersion\                Policies\                   Explorer\                      "NoDriveTypeAutoRun"				
This key, which is of type REG_BINARY, consists of four bytes. The firstbyte is a bitmask defining which drive types should be AutoRun. Theother three bytes should be set to zero (0).

The bits in the bitmask correspond to these constants:
Type                BitDRIVE_UNKNOWN       0DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR   1DRIVE_REMOVABLE     2DRIVE_FIXED         3DRIVE_REMOTE        4DRIVE_CDROM         5DRIVE_RAMDISK       6				
Setting a bit in the bitmask prevents you from using AutoPlay with thecorresponding drive type. By default, the value in the registry is 0x95.Bits 0, 2, 4 and 7 are therefore set, which means that drive typesDRIVE_UNKNOWN, DRIVE_REMOVEABLE, and DRIVE_REMOTE don't use AutoPlayinformation. (Bit 7 is set to cover future device types.) Altering thisregistry value thus allows you to test Autorun.inf files from a floppy disk(DRIVE_REMOVEABLE), network drive (DRIVE_REMOTE), and so on. For example,to be able to test AutoPlay from a floppy disk, set the value of the firstbyte to 0x91 to enable AutoPlay for floppy disks.

NOTE: Most floppy disk drive controllers do not currently recognize when afloppy disk has been inserted. To test AutoPlay on a floppy disk, firstalter the registry setting so that bit DRIVE_REMOVEABLE is not set, startthe Windows Explorer, insert the floppy disk, and press the F5 key torefresh the display.

To test the Autorun.inf file on a given disk, using the right mouse button,click the icon for the drive in the Windows Explorer. The effects of theAutorun.inf file should be visible in the context menu.

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