Windows Does Not Start Normally With Bootgui=1 in the Msdos.sys

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You may encounter one of the following symptoms with Windows:
  • After you make a change to your Windows environment your computerboots to a command prompt rather than into Windows.
  • Changes you make to entries in the Msdos.sys file may not seem to take effect.
  • When you perform a step-by-step boot and press either Y or N when you are prompted "Process your startup command file (AUTOEXEC.BAT)," youreceive a message stating "Too many parameters" followed by the prompt"AUTOEXEC [Enter=Y,Esc=N]." No matter how you answer these prompts, Windows boots to a command prompt and does not prompt you to load the graphical user interface (GUI).
  • When you start your computer, it boots to the Windows boot menu instead of booting into Windows, even though the Msdos.sys file contains "bootmenu=0" or the Enable Startup Menu box is not checked on the General tab of the Advanced options for the System Configuration Utility (MSConfig).
There is a Winboot.ini file in the root folder of the boot drive thatcontains "BootGUI=0" in the [Options] section.

If the Winboot.ini file exists, it is processed instead of the Msdos.sysfile. The Winboot.ini file is created by Windows Setup to ensurerestartability or to display a warning when there is an operation thatneeds to be manually restarted. When the operation is complete, theWinboot.ini file is normally deleted, and the Io.sys configuration settingsare read from Msdos.sys.

NOTE: The Winboot.ini file is a hidden file.
If your computer boots to a command prompt only and no error messages aredisplayed, you can safely delete the Winboot.ini file and restart yourcomputer.

To delete the Winboot.ini file, follow these steps:
  1. At an MS-DOS prompt, type the following command in the root directory
    deltree drive:\winboot.ini
    where drive is the drive where the Winboot.ini file is located.
  2. Answer yes by typing y when you receive a prompt "Delete file 'winboot.ini'?"
  3. Restart your computer.
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