BUG: Win32 SDK Version 3.51 Bug List - Multimedia

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This article lists the bugs in the Win32 API implemented in WindowsNT version 3.51 that were known at the time the product was released.
  • AVISave fails. To reproduce the problem, start aviedit, open a file, use CTRL+I to get information on streams, set the start field to a large number, and try to save the file.
  • AVIStreamGetFrame() returns NULL if you take an uncompressed stream, copy it into the clipboard, and paste it into a different 32-bit app.
  • When querying for the description of a codec, it will be listed twice if you have both the 32-bit and 16-bit version. Both times, the 32-bit description is displayed.
  • MCIAVI32 causes a general protection (GP) fault if playing RLE or Video 1 encoded AVI files without these Codecs loaded.
  • Shuffle streams 16-bit causes GP fault in AVIFILE.DLL on MIPS.
  • When all ACM Codecs are disabled, hardware formats are not available with acmMetrics.
  • SoundBlaster 16 driver doesn't enable volume on speaker input.
  • SoundBlaster driver setup does not adjust DMA buffer size correctly.
  • After executing the MCI command Play Fullscreen At End Element, Status Position can return the wrong value.
  • The MCI command Put Source At inconsistently does not return errors for invalid coordinates.
  • MediaPlayer jumps back one frame as Clock.avi completes. MCIAVI may return an incorrect position if it does not use the most granular stream.
  • Under certain circumstances, Resume Notify Behavior Element returns incorrect notification codes.
  • AVIFileWriteData allows you to write a data chunk that has an ID that already exists.
  • MPlayer does not play clipped videos in Word correctly.

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